10 Best Stopwatch Apps Download For Android 2019

There are many apps are available now days. These Best Stopwatch Apps are used for different health purposes including exercise, diet plans, workout and much more. The main thing that you must consider before doing anything for your health is the punctuality and time management for any task.

Before doing anything, plan a sketch in which you have to consider time first. You can do this only when you would know how much time you exactly need to perform any task.

Stopwatch is a tool which let you know how much time you are spending on doing your work. You can measure every second of the time for initial to final stage of the task. It lets the user to how to perform any task on time and how much time is required to perform any work.

Stopwatch apps are the tools for your smartphones. Now you can use stopwatch very easily in your smart phone.

Best Stopwatch Apps & Timer Apps: Countdown timer for your Tasks

Stopwatch apps allow you to measure your daily routine tasks time on your cellphone. And allow you to monitor time spend on each task. So, get the timer app on your phone and monitor your activities time. Here is the best stopwatch apps listed below

Alarm Clock: Stopwatch & Timer

Its a pretty decent stopwatch and timer app with material design interface. This is actually a stopwatch as well as more an alarm. This is 3 in 1 application, you can put alarm on this application which will wake you up in morning with amazing ring tones. There is an option which allow to set your volume to increase periodically which would help you to wake up more comfortably.

You can even set online radio as your ringtone. Instead you can make your phone’s music as alarming tone. Add up maximum snoozes on this application easily.

If you are not interested in any ringing sound, set it as default so that you would have only vibrations. You can use the same device as your stopwatch with which you can measure seconds of any activity.

Set the timer on it during running, walking and swimming and stop it when you have finished your activity. In this way, you can estimate how much you have spent on it.

[appbox googleplay id=com.alarmclock.xtreme.free]

Stopwatch Timer

Next stopwatch app is Stopwatch Timer, a heavily graphic app with interesting interface. It is not wrong to say it is like a hybrid watch.

The app is built with 2 different modes of working. One is analogue and other is digital. Stopwatch (chronometer) mode, start and stop the watch by pressing central button.

To start the countdown, press the button which is present in the left on the screen. For resetting measured data, there is a button present in the right side of the screen.

You will brief detail about the app as the instructions are given in the left upper drop down menu. You can save your measurements in the form of a list to which you can send via mail, SMS or any social site.

This app is also offering you theme option with which you can change background. Stopwatch timer can be controlled by volume buttons easily.

[appbox googleplay id=com.hybrid.stopwatch]

Stopwatch and Timer

Stopwatch and Timer is a simple but colorful app, yeah come in different color to change the interface look. Work almost the same as the other apps in the list. But this allow you to change visual look of the dashboard with differetn colors.

You can make your stopwatch according to your choice. Make its fonts larger and increase its size upto full screen. You can change the color of it. It can measure time upto 99 hours which is one of the amazing features of Stopwatch and Timer.

Moreover, You can make it different as it has multiple options of stopwatches and timers. Adjust it according to your work. Save your measurements by making timing list. You can make hundreds of lists and can export your files by email.

Timers can be recorded by this application. Its ‘Timer’ remembers your last 3 countdowns every time and can provide you when you need.

[appbox googleplay id=com.sportstracklive.stopwatch]

Alarm Clock Xtreme & Timer

Another material design interface app, has some brilliant features including alarm clock with a vast range options. Alarm clock is completely customizable in which you can many snoozes, change its themes, colors, fonts, auto features including dismiss, snooze, random songs and musical alarms.

Other than its alarm clock to use Best Stopwatch Apps, the application is offering you Stopwatch or timer which allow you to make time measurements very easily. You can adjust your timer according to your choice. Set timer to see how much you have spent on your job. The application is paid and compatible with all of the devices.

[appbox googleplay id=com.alarmclock.xtreme]

Ultimate Stopwatch & Timer

The app has unique and stylish design with beautiful appearance. Stopwatch app come with both analogue and digital look. You can install it in your phone, tablets and laptops. It appears like a watch with ticking sound, thats really fascinating to hear.

The provided alarm is featured with countdown so that you would be informed how much time left in ringing alarm. The application is wisely built as it never run in the background but let the user know if any event is coming near. In this way, it can save battery life.

[appbox googleplay id=com.geekyouup.android.ustopwatch]

Multi Timer StopWatch

If you look appearance of this app then we think it like a widget on old android smartphone. The stopwatch allow you to create multiple timer and alarms. It is compatible with all of the devices. You can also set multi timers at the same time using this app.

The timers have in built multiple features. For example, if you have set a timer for doing anything, you will receive a notifications which means it’s the time to do your work.

Before getting off, the timer gives you audible signal. You can control your timer with sensor. Just wave your hand on screen; it will automatically work according to the given instructions.

[appbox googleplay id=com.jee.timer]

Timers4Me- Timer & Stopwatch

It is simple Best Stopwatch Apps and user friendly application with lots of features including timer, stopwatch and alarm clock. You can use the app with landscape appearance. It has easily understandable digital and regular fonts. Interface is not pretty good but functionality is amazing,  gives you what you want.

You can pause, snooze, resume and repeat you alarm using the application. You can control timer by NFC tagging feature. It will notify you if you have added any information within it.

You can set any specific time on the timer so that it can notify you. You can share your lists through email, SMS, Facebook, twitter etc.

[appbox googleplay id=com.luckyxmobile.timers4me]


Another material design stopwatch app in our list. Its really a simple app with just only stopwatch timer. You can say its an ideal timer app not stuffed with other unnecessary functionality.

The app is designed to measure time during your work, sports and other activities. It will build a balance between time and job. You can start and stop the timer without launching app.

It has in built 3 different themes to beautify your phone’s application. It has simple, beautiful and elegant design which makes it appear good. Its installation is free and it is compatible with all of the android, window and iOS devices.

Stopwatch – Best Stopwatch Apps

The stopwatch watch with outer look on an alarm clock and inner look a gear clock. The app also come with both analogue and digital look and works to provides you details about every second.

Its design is ancient which make it a unique application. You can operate 8 watches at the same time with different instructions. The app can be used for multi tasking in a same time. For operating another stopwatch at the same time, you just need to press ‘split’ button and it will understand that there is need of another stopwatch

[appbox googleplay id=com.keuwl.stopwatch]

Simple Stopwatch

This is the so simplest stopwatch app in the list, but it wrong to say in the world.  It has full size fonts to see the digits very clearly. You can operate it easily. Fully cutomized color options, you can set it color according to your choice. Select whatever you want for it apparent look.

Tap on the screen to start and stop the application when needed. It takes less storage as compared to other apps. You can change its background color according to your choice. It is supporting the entire range of devices.

[appbox googleplay id=com.avryx.stopwatch]

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