10 Best Scary Face Maker Apps for Android & iOS 2019

Best Scary Face Maker Apps do scary makeups on your face and make your photos scary and horrible.

There are many people who love to do creepy things. They want to do something unique and distinctive to get attention of the others. Their activities involved Best Scary Face Maker Apps things like wearing evil masks, doing frightening things in night etc. People take it as a fun and even spend money and time on it. It was trending in previous years to do scary make over and took pictures of it. But now days the trend is somewhat change due to modern technology.

There are many camera applications which have built-in Best Scary Face Maker Apps that helps you to make your face into scary face. These cameras in the app identify your face and apply different scary filters on them. You can make horrible face, beautify your skin and add many objects on your face.

Best Scary Face Maker Apps: Take Scary Photos

Now Best Scary Face Maker Apps, you can make your face scary in the photos and videos with these scary face change apps. There is not any need of doing scary makeup or scary mask. You just have to open up your camera in these app and use the scary filters, it automatically make your face scary.

These apps somehow saving your money as they are totally free and saving your time too which you have spent on doing scary make ups. Here some of the best known scary face maker apps listed.

Zombify- Zombie Photo Booth

Its the first scary face maker app in our list, an amazing app as it gives you horrible look which you have seen in horror movies. You can apply different scary objects on your face like nuts, bones, damage eyes, weapons, blood and clots. Scary face maker app is offering you a huge range of applicable faces.

You just have to select an image and apply whatever you want to. You can also make GIF’s and video using Zombify app. Create your own zombie environment by adding scary locations in your pictures. The app allows the users to share their newly created content on different social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, etc with the options available.

There is a feature named as ‘Infection’ by which you can discover new filters, effects and weapons. Zombify has high quality 3D animations with lots of effects and options by which you can made videos photos, show your friends and share with them.

[appbox googleplay id=ly.appt.zombify]

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ZoombieBooth 2 – Best Scary Face Maker Apps

The application is best known scary face changer and zombie app among the scary world as it has million downloads. Its installation is simple and easy. After successful installation, open it as it is like a camera in which you have to select your facial organs properly. Mark your eyes in the given block and select the remaining face to make correct zombie character of yours.

The working is so simple and easy and you will find your zombie matched with professional horror characters. There is a vast range of options to make different things on your face like you can make bleeding eyes, cuts on face, scary eyes and glass pieces coming out of the skin.

You can also make your 3D animated movie using the app share with your friends. You can share your created pictures and videos with others via social sites like Facebook, twitter etc.

The application has an ethical policy of parental guidance before using it.

[appbox googleplay id=com.tyffon.ZombieBooth2]

MSQRD Best Scary Face Maker Apps

It is camera based application in which your face will automatically be identified due to its high intelligence features. You can apply fake face on your real one like monkey, man, tiger, witch etc. The app allows you to make scary pictures, record short videos with scary faces and upload them on other social sites.

You can also save your images and videos in gallery. High quality 3D animations with both scary and funny looks make the app indeed amazing for the users. You can as much looks as you want by just swiping right where hundreds of faces available.

[appbox googleplay id=me.msqrd.android]

The Walking Dead Dead Yourself

The application will make you a real zombie. It has high resolution option with which it can focus on each and every organ of your face to make the perfect zombie of yours.

You can take pictures with its camera and also import any image from the gallery to which you want to transform. You can also share your edited work (‘scary face pictures’) with others on different social sites. All the animation and effects make your pictures got realistic appearance.

But the scary face app requires internet connection for its working.

[appbox googleplay id=com.amctv.thewalkingdead.deadyourself]

Face Swap Best Scary Face Maker Apps

As the name suggests, the app is linked with exchanging faces with one another. It has simple interface. You can make multiple changes in your selfies with this face swap application. Take two pictures of different persons and exchange their faces with each other to make new appearance.

Similarly you can also apply horrible face on your image to make it scary. You can change your looks, match background conditions, place multiple faces in a single photo and make many other changes as per you want.

[appbox googleplay id=com.microsoft.faceswap]

Aging Booth Best Scary Face Maker Apps

The app is amazing in working as it does not require any internet connection for the transformation of your images. You can either select image from the gallery or by taking it directly through app camera. You can change your facial conditions and transform it into old wrinkled one or a banshee.

Moreover, app has in built auto cropping features with which it separate out face to change. It can give you both funny and scary looks accordingly. You can save your transformed pictures in gallery and can also share them with your friends.

[appbox googleplay id=com.piviandco.agingbooth]

Face Changer Photo editor

Face changer photo editor let you add different objects like stickers, tattoos, glasses, moustaches, cap, hair etc. more than 100+ objects are available to put Best Scary Face Maker Apps on your picture to give an amazing look to your picture.

You can crop pictures accordingly and make a selective area where you can do all the changes you want. You can also make your images scary with this application

[appbox googleplay id=com.alvina.facechangerphotoeditor]

Halloween Zombie Photo Booth

The app is specifically developed to make Halloween scary photos. The scary face changer app is actually add horrible masks to your photos. You can make your face scary, blood in to eyes, Dracula face and many other.

Just Select any picture to which you want to transform and crop it to select the specific portion of face if needed an use it Best Scary Face Maker Apps. Apply stickers and select other options to transform your face into scary looks. You can save your pictures in gallery and send them to your friends on different social sites like Facebook, Gmail etc.

[appbox googleplay id=com.kauf.halloweenzombiephotobooth]

Face stealer Live

The app has different already made masks are available to which you can put onto your image. The main functionality of the app as it name described it helps you to change your face into any famous personality. You can also add funny masks to your or friends picture and make fun.

These masks include funny, creepy and scary faces. You just have to simply select the picture to which you want to transform. Adjust the image on the right position and apply desired mask on it. The application requires internet connection for its working.

[appbox googleplay id=com.visionpro.cv.face.stealer]

Zombie Booth Scary Face Change

The scary face maker app works same as described its name. It actually a Zombie face changer app, you can become a zombie with this app. Change your face and transform it into scary zombie looks with deep wounds on face, half face and many other filter.

You can add different objects like broken glass, clots, wounds and blood of your face to make it horrible. The application is safe for all of the devices and easy to use. Change your ordinary looks and make yourself a zombie by this app.

[appbox googleplay id=com.ZombieBoothScaryFaceChangeScary]

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