10 Best App Killers for Android Free Download 2019

Best App Killers for Android all the apps silently running in  background.

It has been observed that the technology is prospering day by day and latest things are introduced according to demand. Android is another blessing of technology with multiple convenient features. It works in a finest way in every system.

The issue facing by Android users these days is the memory management. There are many tasks which are not active in the system but android keeps these inactive tasks in the RAM. Such tasks waste the memory of the phone as well as slow down the whole system. Moreover, if many apps are running in the background, the performance of the system would also be affected and it consumes battery quickly.

For the better working of the system, we need some special apps which let us know about the running of background apps with details so that we would save system memory and improve the device performance.

Best App Killer for Android: Stop the background running Apps

App killers are basically designed to stop those applications which are unnecessarily running in the background and consuming storage and battery. Some of the best known App killers for Android are listed below.

Greenify Best App Killers for Android

Greenify is the best-known application for improving your phone storage and battery. The application detects the running of other apps in the background and reduces their extra functions like transferring of data and sending notifications.

This detects and helps you to kills the background running apps.

You can also reduce the amount of online data using by your smart phone by Greenify. Every feature is explained so clearly so that the user will not find any difficulty in using the app. It has many additional features like rooting, GCM settings etc.

Moreover Best App Killers for Android , You will find options named as ‘Aggressive doze’ and ‘doze on the Go’ by which you can save your battery maximally. Greenify saves the storage of device by letting the background running apps to put on sleep. The application is safe and secure for all android device and provide every detail to the user related to its working.

[appbox googleplay id=com.oasisfeng.greenify]

Clean master Best App Killers for Android

Our next app is not only a app but also Clean Master is the multi functioning application with hundreds of features and options. You will find so many options in it which will make your phone a super working device and boost us your phone’s performance.

It is the world’s famous antivirus space cleaner application. It can keep your apps safe by app locking feature. It will notify you if your device would over charged, it can also back up and uninstall other applications.

With its in built cleaning feature, the app remove all of the junk, cache data and un needed files very quickly from the phone to increase the space and make it better working device. It can also speed up phone by making RAM free.

Clean master can identify unauthorized connections and let the user know about fake Wi Fi connections. Your phone games are also managed by Clean Master. It increases the loading speed of the games and gives you more fun games

[appbox googleplay id=com.cleanmaster.mguard]

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Super Toolbox

Super Toolbox comes with a lot of features. You can manage your files and export them to external SD card instead of deleting so that you can save your data free up your phone memory. Using super Toolbox you will get many of the other options like you can remove junk from the phone.

It will automatically inform you when your CPU needs to be cool down. It boosts up your internet speed and increase the chance of fastest connectivity with Wi Fi devices.

You can save phone’s battery by selecting the option of power saving so that you can use your device for longer period of time. The application is designed to remove all of the unnecessary files from the phone to increase its memory. It will stop those functions which are running in the background.

[appbox googleplay id=com.netqin.aotkiller]

Advanced Task Manager

The app performs so many tasks without any long proceedings. Advanced task manager is used to kill background running apps regularly and inform you if any app needs to be uninstall due to its poor functioning.

Whenever you off the screen, it will stop running background functions of the phone. The application is supporting all android devices, so you can enjoy its features in every smart phone. Advanced Task Manager scans device and viruses can also be removed with its Antivirus feature.

You can free up RAM memory and boost your phone by it.

[appbox googleplay id=mobi.infolife.taskmanager]

Task Killer

Task manager helps you to manage your phone tasks with ease. You can make your memory free from the junk and cache data by using task manager. It can increase the speed of your smart device by stop running background apps. The app also works to kill unnecessary apps automatically so that your phone functions in all the best way.

You can add or remove apps from the ignore list any time when needed. The app is so simple in working and easy to use. Its installation is also free so that the user can enjoy its multiple features easily.

[appbox googleplay id=com.androidrocker.taskkiller]

System Panel 2

The application is much more appealing as compared to other apps because it can show all of your device functions in graphical form.

You can easily visualize what’s going on in your phone. You can see which apps are working well and which are not, you can also observe battery life, CPU functioning and potential problems in phone.

The app also helps in successful installations of other apps and let you know if any app should uninstall. You can also backup apps with permissions if needed.

[appbox googleplay id=nextapp.sp]

Task Manager

Task manager have processing list according to which it works. You can clean up junk and cache data with it very quickly without harming essential apps.

It will automatically stop unnecessary processes occurring in your device. And kill the background running apps. The app needs the rooted device for its working.

It has user friendly interface and compatible with all android phones and devices. You can install it for free.

[appbox googleplay id=com.omichsoft.taskmanager]

Simple System Monitor

The app monitors all the tasks performed by UPU. It can cool down CPU when needed, remove unnecessary junk from it and boost up its working. It will provide you CPU frequency graph of each core.

Moreover, It can also calculate the time spent on each CPU frequency state. You can Best App Killers for Android view all working app in a precise list and their CPU and RAM usage. It will let you know about battery conditions and its life span.

Simple system monitor fasten the activity of network connections so that your device work with speed.

[appbox googleplay id=com.dp.sysmonitor.app]

System PanelLite Task Manager

The Best App Killers for Android is amazingly worked with all android devices. You can kill background processing which are not required for the device using system panel lite.

It can control the amount of CPU usage; cool down it when needed, and speed up its working to make your smart phone fast. It has many other functions like cleaning cache data, saving battery, removing junk etc.

[appbox googleplay id=nextapp.systempanel]

Auto Task Killer

The app an automatically kill the processes which are unnecessarily working in your phone. It saves the battery and increases its life span.

Junk can also be removed by its smart features. You can make your phone better and fast by using Auto Task Killer. It free up memory and boost the device with user friendly interface.

[appbox googleplay id=com.zeroneapps.autotaskkiller]

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