10 Best Offline Lyrics Apps Android & iOS 2019

Music is an addiction for many of the youngsters now days. You can Best Offline Lyrics Apps listen to any type of music with internet connection. Sometimes you want to sing with the song you are listening or for understanding the song, for this you want its lyrics. You can do all this if you have a internet connection, but if there is not any internet connection.

you do not have internet connection while traveling or being somewhere else like far away from home. Here you need to play songs without internet with lyrics.

There are many applications which are offering your favorite music Best Offline Lyrics Apps. Play any song by searching it and make a play list in which you can add unlimited songs with its lyrics. Once you add or listen song in these apps you can listen it offline with all of its lyrics. These ones can be played offline at anytime.

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Best Offline Lyrics Apps: Listen offline Songs with Lyrics

Best Offline Lyrics Apps are wonderful in working and offering you music free of cost with lyrics and all of the song’s details such as Artist, Musician, Composer and etc. Their interface is simple and these apps are safe for your android/window and iOS devices. They are very similar in most of the aspects with each other so you will not find any difficulty in their operation.

SoundCloud Best Offline Lyrics Apps

This app is offering you unlimited music which is either official or personally uploaded for free. You can listen music with offline lyrics in the app. The app has many features including hit lists, featured music, suggestions and newly launched music.

You can upload your own song over there. You can Best Offline Lyrics Apps also make cover of different songs and add them to your SoundCloud profile. sign up with in the app and create your own app, where you can create here playlists.

There is an option of search music in the center of bottom of your screen from where you can search your favorite track. You can also like songs by touching on heart. Liked songs will appear easily and can often be played offline with offline lyrics.

Create playlist over there and add songs into it and listen offline with lyrics. You can create multiple play lists and title them. The app works with internet connection but those songs to which you have added in playlist can be played offline including lyrics. You can invite your friends on SoundCloud and make your own community.

[appbox googleplay id=com.soundcloud.android]


The app is one the best known music app that also allow you to play song and lyrics offline. It offers the user audio/videos songs for free. You can get any song with just a single tap. You can follow your favorite artists on Shazam and discover what they are posting.

The app can also be linked with Facebook and Instagram to see your friends’ shazaming. Make your own playlists and add songs to which you can play offline. You can login to Shazam and sync all your contacts across all devices.

The application is famous in the world to provide you vast range of music for free and you can also buy songs their videos, live streaming and much more. Its installation is free and has best quality content available to meet user’s need. Play favorite songs with lyrics without internet with this superb music.

[appbox googleplay id=com.shazam.android]


The application is globally famous with a vast range of songs to which you can play and save including offline lyrics. You can watch video, read lyrics and join Genius community.

You can see what’s latest on genius. You can also read story behind the songs, its content (‘lyrics’), history, meaning and significance of your music over here.

You can make easy access towards video of the lyrics by simply touching on the screen. You can get every detail related to music on this app. Add hundreds of songs in your own playlist and listen to them offline. Its installation is simple and free.

[appbox googleplay id=com.genius.android]


MusixMatch has the world’s largest collection of songs lyrics. You can enjoy music from YouTube, SoundCloud, Apple Music, Google play music etc. and this app provide lyrics to your songs both on online and offline.

You can learn different languages by watching the translation of your tracks. Play, pause and skip tracks from the lock screen. Collect as much songs as you can in your own created playlists.

You can preview songs and watch its YouTube videos. The application has user friendly interface. Search your song by title, artist, and lyrics or with single line of the track with just one tap.

[appbox googleplay id=com.musixmatch.android.lyrify]


The application is most pleasant in use because of its interface and easy access to songs. You can get search songs very quickly from Spotify, SoundCloud iTunes and others. There is no need to write a complete line to search music, it quickly suggest you song with alphabets.

Offcourse, the main feature is you can listen songs with lyrics offline. It opens up the a separate lyrics page.

Moreover, You can listen to your favorite track offline from QuickLyric. The app is ads free and lighter to take less space as compared to other app. You can get different themes by it and apply night mode to make your eyes comfortable in dark.

[appbox googleplay id=com.geecko.QuickLyric]

Lyrics Mania

Lyrics mania is the app with millions of songs lyrics inventory. You can get your favorite track by simply searching it and add it into your playlist. Like other app first time you need to listen or add the song into playlist and then you can listen that song offline with lyrics.

You can listen to  Best Offline Lyrics Apps any type of music offline with lyrics mania. The app has simple, easy and user friendly interface. You can make your own library and add songs from YouTube, Google play music and many other sites. Search songs by artist, title and lyrics and listen to them whenever you want.

[appbox googleplay id=com.x3.angolotesti]

Lyrics Library Best Offline Lyrics Apps

Add your favorite tracks by listening them online in your own list. You can edit, save, read and share lyrics on it. Download lyrics of the tracks instantly by Lyrics Library. Organize your lyrics in different folders and listen to them offline. Listen offline songs with lyrics and sing it yourself.

Moreover, there are multiple options of reminder, memos and notes in the app. You can even add chords and backup lyrics for free using Lyrics Library.

[appbox googleplay id=com.lyricslib.lyricslibrary]

BTS Lyrics Best Offline Lyrics Apps

BTS is offering you a large range of BTS albums in which English and Roman songs are mostly present. You can find all lyrics from this huge range of albums. The songs lyrics apps come with really user friendly interface.

You can search any foreign music online on the BTS lyrics. You can save all of your favorite tracks and listen to them offline. This app is supporting android, window and iOS devices.

[appbox googleplay id=com.andromo.dev674155.app756396]

Lyrix Best Offline Lyrics Apps

The application is community based in which you will find many people to whom you knew personally. You can add tracks, download songs and listen to them online. The offline lyrics app allow you to edit, save and share your lyrics with others.

Furthermore, you can manage your lyrics in folders this will make easy access for later use.

Sign up here and connect your app with other social sites. The interface is simple and user friendly. Make your own library and listen to your tracks offline. You can search music with voice and check the recent search anytime.

[appbox googleplay id=com.lyricslib.lyricslibrary]

1lyrics Best Offline Lyrics Apps

The app is specially designed to get your song quickly with written lyrics. Save your favorite lyrics and listen to them offline. You can also get different themes by this application.

If you want to promote your cover songs, 1lyrics is the plate form for you where you can upload your personalized music without any cost.

[appbox googleplay id=com.lyricslover.onelyrics]


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