10 Best Red Eye Remover Apps Download Android 2019

You have often seen that eyes appear red in the pictures which are taken with flashlight camera Best Red Eye Remover Apps. This happens due to the reflection and it seems so horrible. You have often observed images with red eyes, this ruins the whole picture. These pictures appeared weird and need to be corrected because pictures are memorable things for everyone.

There are many applications and software available for the correction of this issue. As it is the era of smartphones, to edit images using laptop or computer is not suitable in many situations. For resolving this issue, many applications have in built red eye remover feature and there are also some of the applications which are specifically designed to make eye color normal or to remove red eyes from your files.

Best Red Eye Remover Applications from Pictures

Best Red Eye Remover Apps help you to remove red flash color from the eye that make your photo scary. People make fun of your picture, now this will end up. You picture will remain beautiful and cutest. Here are some of the best red eye remover apps we find out for you.

The following apps are heavily stuffed with photo editing tools, so you can do other stuff with apps to make your photos more beautiful.


It is the best Best Red Eye Remover Apps photo editor with vast range of editing options. You can not only remove red color from eye in the your picture but also do a lot more stuff. This application is built to make your images as much beautiful as you can with its amazing features. It has 29 editing tools to add more than 30 filters with different effects and adjustments.

There are selective filter brushes to add filters in specific area. Moreover, you can brighten up your skin, remove marks and spots, add filter of vintage and black n white filters in your images using Snapseed.

Remove red eyes very easily and apply lens with smart eye detection option. You can adjust exposure, colors, warmth, saturation and brightness in a control way with this app.

[appbox googleplay id=com.niksoftware.snapseed]

Airbrush: Easy Photo Editor

Airbrush is specially designed to make facial changes. It helps you to remove eye color of flash light from photo. You can even change the whole color of the eye with this app. You can change color of your eyes by applying lens of different colors.

You can brighten up your skin, eyes and overall image. The app allows the user to make fine details within face with its multiple features.  As, mentioned you can remove redness of the eyes. Apply artificial lashes, mascara and liner on your eyes and do eye make up with it.

You can  even change hair color, skin tone hair style, dress color, glasses and many other details can be added with huge range of filters by Airbrush app.

[appbox googleplay id=com.magicv.airbrush]

Eye Color Changer

Eye color changer is an awesome application with multiple eye color changing options. You can adjust the size of the eyes. You can change color, add lenses which are even looks so natural that no one can ever identify. Different effects can be applied on eyes like cat eyes, animal eyes, flag eyes etc.

Best Red Eye Remover Apps application is very simple and easy to use. You can remove red eyes from any picture with this app. All the editing done as the Eye color changer looks real. The app allow you to upload your edited image on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc directly via Eye Color Changer. Share you edited photos to your friends and amaze them with your beautiful pictures.

[appbox googleplay id=com.vysionapps.niceeyesfree]

Photo Editor

It is multi featured photo editing application you can make your pictures amazingly colored. Removing red eye color is its one of features from hundreds of editing options.

You can add cut, crop, tilt, rotate and square fit your pictures with Photo Editor. The app has very simple interface. You can add different filters, effects and add text on your pictures by Photo Editor.

You can blur background, balance colors and backlight easily. It has pinch to zoom interface so you can easily rotate and change actual position of picture. There is a vast range of ‘Auto’ options like you can auto correct, auto adjust, auto contract, auto tone images by it.

[appbox googleplay id=com.iudesk.android.photo.editor]

Photo Wonder Best Red Eye Remover Apps

The app is so amazing in working because it is specially designed to beautify your images. You can make your skin clear, brighten your complexion and lenses and change hairstyle by Photo wonder.

You can remove redness of the eyes and make your flash affected picture more beautiful. It has many unique filters and editing options so that you can crop, rotate, resize and adjust your images.

You can sharpen your blurred images. There is a collage maker which makes grid of multiple pictures so simply.

[appbox googleplay id=cn.jingling.motu.photowonder]

Visage Lab

Similar to above apps, this app also come with multiple editing options. This app make remove red color from eye really simple. Just select the photo from the gallery and remove red flash light color from eye in just simple steps.

The app is work to make facial changes in your pictures. It has more than 40 unique effects which can be applied on photos. You can lighten up your skin tone, do eye makeup, apply artificial lenses and lashes, remove red eyes, contour your face and make your new hair style by this app.

You can give an automatic face retouch and remove wrinkles and spots from the skin.

[appbox googleplay id=to.pho.visagelab]

Facetune Best Red Eye Remover Apps

As the name suggests, Facetune app is designed to make your facial images perfect and beauty them. You can do make over, change hair color and style, improve skin tone and widen your smile with Facetune app. It helps to remove wrinkles and scars to smoothen your skin.

Remove redness of the eye lenses and brighten up your eyes with natural and real effects. Make your skin smooth and beautiful with multiple other options.

[appbox googleplay id=com.lightricks.facetune.free]

YouCam Makeup Best Red Eye Remover Apps

The app is best in working to make your facial images very natural and beautiful, especially your eyes. The red eye remover app help you to remove red color from eye and give it a natural touch.

You can do makeup, you can add filters on your pictures, and you can take snaps by using its camera. The app has the option to remove red eyes and make them normal.

There are many filters by which you can add unique effects in your ordinary images. YouCam makeup has many other versions with more options and features.

[appbox googleplay id=com.cyberlink.youcammakeup]

BeautyPlus Best Red Eye Remover Apps

The app is well known for adding beauty effects in your selfies. You can edit, crop, trim and rotate you pictures by its multiple features.  Give a beautiful make over to your skin, make your eyes larger, remove redness of the eyes, and make new hairstyles with it.

You can improve your image quality and export it to gallery with its simple interface. You can also increase/decrease the size of eyes, nose and lips by BeautyPlus cam. Take pictures with its camera and add filters in them.

[appbox googleplay id=com.commsource.beautyplus]

Pixlr Best Red Eye Remover Apps

The app is well known due to having a lot of features. There is a vast range of different filters by which you can make your picture attractive. You can improve your facial area including your eyes accordingly.

It has option to remove red eye color and also remove marks from your face to smoothen your skin. You can focus on one thing and blur the background by it. You can add layers of many photos to make a new combination of pictures by Pixlr.

[appbox googleplay id=com.pixlr.express]

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