Is Kabza de Small Dead – Is Mpura Mpura and Killer Kau Dead in Accident

Is Kabza de Small Dead – There are a number of reports that are surfing on the Internet identified with the damaging episode of South African Rapper and Artist Khanya Hadebe nearby different rappers Mpura and Killer Kau. It is injured to give to you that today, we lost the famous rapper of South African in a minor impact.

Undoubtedly, the entirety of the three rappers have kicked the compartment in a deadly episode when they were returning from a Gig.

Kabza de Small Talking about Mpura Mpura’s Death Video:

As shown by the sources, they were making an excursion to Rustenburg and during the time, there vehicle squashed and Killer Kau, Mpura, and Khanya Hadebe passed on the spot. Notwithstanding, the US reports didn’t share the news authoritatively yet many tweets can be seen on the Internet depicting that we lost our prized rappers.

Is Kabza Dead

As demonstrated by the new data, rapper Kabza De Small was in like way sitting inside the vehicle in any case before the episode occurred, he left the vehicle, and as of now, he is alive. In any case, the reports are pronouncing that the two rappers have passed on in an auto accident when they were rushed toward Rustenburg.

Doubtlessly, the news isn’t verified now by US Day News at any rate we are now monitoring things for more prominent force data of the scene.

Fans are now looking through that how could it be conceivable that it would occur and there are some more disasters?

The position information on the occurrence was shared by PhilMphels who is unavoidably known as Kgopolo. He took the help of Twitter and made,

” RIP: Amapiano Artist Killer Kau and Mpura in a dangerous setback. Three lives from the business are halted with the demise of Killer Kau, Mpura, and Khanya Hadebe”.


What Happened to Mpura Mpura

Several bits of snitch are pronouncing that some more disasters were found there. As Kgopolo made that for all intents and purposes 5 individuals passed on in a lethal mishap. Executioner Kau, Mpura, and Khanya Hadebe have been perceived by police.

Unexpectedly side, one woman has been run to the clinical office and two additional challenges have been found at the spot. Marikana Police have not been seen now. Kgopolo additionally incorporated that the distant chance that you have a couple of data about them thusly, sympathetically contact Marikana Police Station.

Before long, it has been cleared that practically 5 individuals have kicked the bucket in a mishap.

Since the news became well known online over the Internet, many fans are deploring the passing of these rappers from South Africa. They were youngers and participating in their life to accomplish something huge. They have made endless tunes and shared them on their channels.

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Is Mpura Mpura Dead – Mpura Mpura and Killer Kau Accident Update


Due to their ability and limits, they obtained gigantic inescapability among fans and still, rappers are living in their fans’ hearts.

Two or three pictures can comparatively be seen through electronic media that show that how could it be conceivable that it would be dangerous. The fans are regarding the passing of subject matter experts. For their fans, it was startling.

They all were the piece of music period and a few hours, the presence of their family, pals, and prizing ones has changed as they lost them.

Rapper Kabza De Small was with them before the occurrence occurred what’s more, he is showing his empathy on his amigo’s passing. It’s an exceptionally disastrous second for the family and we request God for their relatives. They all will be inspected by their friends and family.

May God Bless Their Souls!

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