Jason Doonside Bashing Video Tiktok Detail – 16 year old Dies after Bashing

Jason Doonside Bashing Video Tiktok Detail – Five teens matured under 16 have been accused of homicide after a high school kid was slammed and later kicked the bucket in clinic.

The 16-year-old kid kicked the bucket at Westmead Hospital on Saturday subsequent to being discovered lethargic three days prior by crisis administrations with wounds to his head and chest.

He was treated at the scene – home in Perigee Close, Doonside in Sydney’s west – by NSW Ambulance after crisis administrations were called to reports of an attack.

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At first two young men matured 13 and 15, and a young lady, 15, were charged.

Following examinations by Blacktown police under Strike Force Brens, a second 13-year-old kid and a 14-year-old kid were captured at Ermington on Thursday evening.

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‘They were taken to Granville Police Station and both accused of making deplorable real mischief individual with goal and take/confine in organization with aim to get advantage event genuine substantial damage,’ a NSW Police explanation said.

The gathering showed up in youngsters’ court and were declined bail to return again on Friday August 13, 2021.

Examinations are proceeding.

Police are interesting to anybody with extra data about the episode to report it to CrimeStoppers.

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