Chrome Canary (Unstable) APK Download For Android v 74.0.3692.0

Chrome Canary is an earlier version of Google Chrome, also know as an experimental version. It is actually designed for developers and is not a tested version. You can see “Unstable” word added with its name because of its the least stable version of Google Chrome.

Google Canary APK

Google Canary APK – its the experimental version of Google Chrome for Android users. Its really interesting thing for android user that you can have the Google Canary on your android Smartphone.

Google Canary Apk
Google Canary Apk

As you know any of the product in the world require different test before it come into the market and Chrome also has its four of different versions:

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  • Stable (end user product and widely used)
  • Beta
  • Dev
  • Canary (non tested version used for experimental purposes)


You can say Google Canary APK is the version of the Google Chrome that you receive jut after completion of development process.

The Canary version frequently receives updates, it may be the whole week, so be careful while updating it over Mobile data network.

Chrome Canary also come in different versions, but 72.0.3604.0 is the most current version on the article publishing date.

As mentioned above its the unstable version of Chrome only designed for developers and testers.

Chrome Canary Apk Features:

Here follow are the Chrome Canary features, check this out:

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  • Yellow icon
  • Delete all data
  • Blue look
  • More options in settings
  • Break Websites that don’t run HTML5 of JavaScript
  • Frequently updated
  • more…


How to Download and Install Chrome Canary APK 72.0.3604.0 Android

Just download the latest version of chrome Canary from the given link, have its apk file in your smartphone. After just launch the apk file, it automatically install it in your device.

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