10 Best Fishing Apps for Android & iOS 2019

Best Fishing Apps for Android & iOS app for your smartphone tells you the location and weather for fishing. To do something in free time is better than doing nothing. There are many people who have different hobbies for their leisure time. Their hobbies include playing, running, cooking, fishing and drawing. It’s a perfect way to spend your time in doing something.

Fishing is the most peaceful activity to do. It needs calmness in behavior and also brings you nearer to the nature. Moreover, it is not just a hobby but also provides you reward of your work in the form of food. Fishing requires many necessary things like proper equipment to catch fishes, the location where they are found and what should you keep them after catching.

The most important thing about fishing is the place where they are actually present. Fishing apps are built which require GPS on to let you know about the fish catching places.  These apps are wonderful in working and provide you tips related to fishing.

Best Fishing Apps for Android and iOS

Best Fishing Apps: Location, Weather, GPS

Dive into technology and use these to for fishing that help you to determine when and where to catch fish. Yeah, these fishing app for your smartphone tells you the location and weather for fishing. Following are the best fishing apps listed.

Fishbrain – local fishing map and forecast app

The application connects you to the world of the people who have passion about fishing. It’s a social application which provides you tips and instructions related to fishing. You can also join the community of Fishbrain and get latest news and tips from it.

The application requires location for giving you nearest place info. You can connect to the nearest angler on the fish map.

The app will let you about the best suitable location for fishing and which baits are required for catching which type of fish. You can follow anglers in the local area and move with them on different places of fishing.

You can also search on the fish map that which specie of the fish is available in your area by Fishbrain. The application also has its pro angler fishing versions in which more features are added. You can get this app in your phone from Google play store and discover new places for fishing.

[appbox googleplay id=com.fishbrain.app]

FishMemo – fishing tracker

The fishing tracker app has many features which can help you while planning for fishing. If you are going to find the correct place for fishing and there is any fishy area within the way, the app will notify you about that place.

This app is the best answer to your question “Where to catch fish near me..?”

FishMemo is supporting multiple languages so that the user can use the app anywhere in the world. You will get all the latest details about the weather if there is any chance of raining, different phases of moon and graphical representation of daily weather forecast by it.

FishMemo is the best local fishing app, has the feature of tracking your route and let you know the suitable place and nearest angler help if needed.

You can also identify or verify species of the fishes using the app and get more detailed information about them.

[appbox googleplay id=com.itesta.fishmemo]

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FishTrack- Tracking Charts

FishTrack another fish tracker app, application which is linked with the location of your phone. It can work using your location and tracking suitable place for fishing through GPS. You can also say it as the app for local fishing.

You will have all the related information regarding fishing like nearest area of fishes, anglers if available in local area and the weather conditions.

The app is also offering you sea surface temperature (SST) chart so that you can easily visualize the weather forecast before planning your trip. You can also save imaginary fishing chart for using it offline.

Moreover the app has the ability to analyze locations either you are online or offline. You will find all the parameters necessary for the fishing within a single application without any complications. The free fish finder app is really easy to use.

[appbox googleplay id=com.fishtrack.android]

Fishing Points & GPS Fishing Forecast

The fishing points app do the exact what its name describes. Yeah it give you the best points for fishing near your, works very smoothly in providing you he details related to sea forecast and weather forecast.

It requires the GPS system for tracking your location and helps you doing fishing.

The application is free to install and supporting multiple languages so that you can easily get benefits from it. It will let you know about the best route and the nearest place where plenty of fishes are available.

Fishing points app tells you briefly about the severity of the weather so that your trip won’t be spoiled. You will find different maps in the app on which you can put the details related to fishing like the weight of the fish, its length, where they are present in large amount on what date you have caught them etc.

In this way, you have complete history related to fishing.

[appbox googleplay id=com.sea.wavesspeed.marinegps]

Fishidy: Fishing Hot Spot Maps, Reports & Tips

Fishidy is the useful application for those who are really interested in doing fishing. The application has many features like it can track your location and let you know about the nearer spot for fishing.

There is a fishing map available within the app where you can see the best place near you to for plan a fishing trip.

Moreover, it will also provide you details about weather forecast. Using Fishidy account, you can follow local anglers, get tips from them and also share your experience with them.

It will also guide you how to select bait for fishing and what type of baits are required when and where. You can make your report on the app related to fishing too.

[appbox googleplay id=com.fishidy]

Fishing Points: GPS, Tides & Fishing Forecast

The app provides brief details which are needed during fishing. It has inbuilt tracking and require enabled location for working. It will guide you using Google maps, and also provides you nautical charts when there is no internet connection.

You will also get information related to weather forecast, nearest lake where fishes are present, their eating time and daily activities.

You can make your own chart and add up other details in it which will help you in further fishing. You can also measure the distance and save locations by means of navigation system.

[appbox googleplay id=com.gregacucnik.fishingpoints]

Drophook Best Fishing Apps

It is the most popular application for fishing. Just install the app and it will provide you all the related information about fishing. The app requires enabled GPS so that it can track location and let you know about the nearest suitable place for fishing.

You can join the community of ‘Drophook’ where you will find anglers, tips for better working, experiences of other people and you can also share your work with them.

You can also keep your findings private Best Fishing Apps on the same app.

[appbox googleplay id=com.drophook]

FishAngler – Fishing Forecast, Maps & Reports

The application is free of cost and helps you to find out the places where you can find a large amount of fishes. You can get information related to weather, places where fishes are present in large quantity, nearest anglers, routes to reach your destination etc.

You can share your work, images and achievements with your friends and family. And also follow different global and local anglers and get notifications from them.

[appbox googleplay id=com.fishangler.fishangler]

ScoutLook Best Fishing Apps

The application has many features which can make your fishing tour perfect. It can inform you the places where fishes are present in plenty, the conditions of the weather, how can you make your fishing strategies better and much more.

You can save your data on the app related to fishing like its weight, length, place where it is found, water temperature etc. the app require navigation enabling to work in a precise way.

[appbox googleplay id=com.scoutlook.fishing.free]

ANGLR Fishing App – Fishing Logbook of Your Trips

The application is designed for the anglers to guide them in a better way about fishing. It is 3 in 1 application in which you can join fishing community, you can use it as a device for locating fishes, as an app which can provide you tips and weather forecast.

The application needs map navigation system for providing location.  Make your own profile where you can add pictures and videos of fishing and share it with others.

[appbox googleplay id=com.anglrtech.anglrapp]

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