Brian Laundrie Dog the Bounty Hunter Video – Brian Laundrie’s Mother Calls 911

Brian Laundrie Dog the Bounty Hunter Video – The mother of missing man Brian Laundrie called 911 after Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman turned up at her Florida home on Saturday, as per reports.

Sound has arisen of an emergency call made by Roberta Laundrie at around the time Mr. Chapman thumped on the entryway of the Laundrie’s family home in North Port.

Mr. Chapman declared on Saturday he was joining the quest for Brian Laundrie and says he’s now gotten 1,000 hints according to the case.

North Port Police representative Josh Taylor said they treated emergency calls from Mr. Laundrie’s folks like they would from any other person.

He has additionally been accused of bank misrepresentation and is the subject of a cross-country manhunt by the FBI.

Mr. Chapman said he and his spouse Francie were on his special night in Colorado when they were assaulted with demands from fans to join the quest for Mr. Laundrie.

Mr. Chapman set up an exceptional hotline on Saturday and said he was working through more than 1,000 leads he had effectively gotten.

Mr. Chapman said the case was close to home to him as he lost a girl Barabara Katie in an auto collision in 2006 who was a similar age as Gabby Petito.

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