66 Yard Field Goal Video – Justin Tucker Kicks

66 Yard Field Goal Video – Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker put forward an NFL field objective record on Sunday, striking valid from 66 yards — almost 200 feet.

Exhaust’s accomplishment covered a whipsaw finishing. One moment prior, the Lions had appeared to be ready for their first success of the period, digging out from a deficit to take a 17-16 lead. Be that as it may, the Ravens figured out how to change over a fourth-and-19 pass play — and unexpectedly, Tucker stood right external the Ravens’ 40-yard line, a few yards behind the holder, with the result laying on his right foot.

Gazing at an opportunity to dominate an NFL match from an uncommon distance, Tucker made a few changes following his typical daily schedule, expecting to dispatch himself at the ball all the more forcefully — and from farther away — to add more capacity to his kick. He made an additional a stride or two back, he said.

Exhaust additionally changed his footwork for the record distance.

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