10 Best App Lockers for Android Download Free 2020

As we are living in the world stuffed with technology, we have many things which require privacy for their proper and safe working. Like if you have some private data and you don’t want to share it with anyone else, it requires privacy concern including passwords, pattern and fingerprint which is usually an inbuilt feature of every smartphone.

But in case when you need to Best App Lockers for Android on specific app for your android device, you must have any specific application for this purpose.

App lockers are nothing else but those applications which are specially designed to meet your privacy needs on your smart device. These applications have multiple options and features vary from app to app that helps you to protect your data on your android smartphone. The patterns, locks passwords and fingerprint detection systems are usually present in app lockers which protect your data, apps and other features of the phone.

Best App Lockers for Android in 2020

If you are thinking about how to protect your data in 2020 on your android smartphone then app locker are the best app that can protect you data from being sniffed from others. Now the real problem is what app locker you should use? Don’t worry, here follow we dig up the best app lockers list that you can use in 2020.

LOCX Applock Lock Apps & Photo – Best App Lockers for Android

The app locker is free to install and it is compatible with all of the android devices. You can secure your files, apps, videos, photos and many other features of the phone using LOCX Applock. Instead of applying pin or password to the whole phone, you can also use this feature for specific apps only.

The application is very light as it takes less space as compared to other similar apps. Moreover, it is also offering you fake screen covers to meet your privacy concerns.

There is a new built-in feature in the app which allow you to change the theme of your phone. Keep you photos and videos in the hidden folders using LOX Applock.

[appbox googleplay id=com.cyou.privacysecurity]

Norton Best App Lockers for Android

The app saves all of your data in a private Best App Lockers for Android section without damaging your file. You can apply password or pin on selective apps using Norton App lock for android.

You can apply multiple layer privacy in your Best App Lockers for Android phone if you have any issue regarding data security. You can apply same or different passwords on one or more apps simultaneously. The 4 digit password option is quite easy to remember and can never be imagined so easily.

Furthermore, the app is free to install and take very little space in your phone.

[appbox googleplay id=com.symantec.applock]

AppLock-Finger Print

The Best App Lockers for Android Locker for android is designed to meet your security needs. If someone tries to access your apps by applying wrong pin/ password or pin, AppLock will take a picture of the person and send it on your mail.

The main security system built in the AppLock Finger Print is finger print sensors so that no one can even open your device. There is also a remote system of locking in which you will receive text message on SIM.

It is small sized application and supporting all latest android devices. Apply any unreal display on the screen to hide all your important notifications via this smart android app locker.

[appbox googleplay id=com.sp.protector.free]

Keep Safe AppLock and Pattern

The application is multi featured security system in which you can apply password, pattern, PIN and Finger print on every application and contact. You can hide notifications from the Lockscreen and also apply different password on it.

Similarly, you can also apply lock on your contacts so that no one can check your contacts.

Make different folders in which you can keep your private pictures, videos and documents using the Keep Safe App Locker. The application is easy to use and consume very less amount of battery.

[appbox googleplay id=com.kii.safe]

Media Locker- Keep Safe

Hide your private files, images and videos using Media Locker. You can apply pin or password on apps and gallery with this app locker.

The application locker is free to install and easy to use. It has very simple interface and provides you security on your android device. It takes very small storage and safe to use in all android devices.

Private Zone- Applock Video and Photo Vault

The app is like another phone within the phone. You can keep all your private data in private zone. The application is safe secure and free to install and consuming very less space and battery as compared to other similar applications.

You can use multiple accounts on the same app with the help of Private Zone. The app locker also help you to block unwanted calls and share their contacts with your friends.

If you want a secret app locker then we really recommend you to use the Calculator Vault App, it hide or lock your important data and protect data being fetched from others.


The application is offering you highly customizable features and locks. Like other locker apps in the list you can keep your data secure by passwords, PIN and finger prints. There is no need to uninstall applications because AppLock provides you highest security on every feature and app without saving history.

You can even hide icons of the apps and all those notification which are usually appear on the Lockscreen using Applock. The available system settings are also secured by password so that no one can change your settings in any way.

Security Master-Antivirus, VPN, AppLock Booster

App locker from Security Master has a huge range of security features which make it more desiring application as compared to other one. The one of the best app locker for android has the ability to protect your phone’s data and other application by means of password, pattern and fingerprint.

You can lock every single feature of your phone from WiFi connectivity to incoming calls and messages. It has the ability to hide the notification coming on the phone instantly. Whenever you unlock the phone, you will get all of the notifications collectivty without missing any important thing.

Moreover, it has automatic antivirus detection system with which it will work to remove all of the dangerous files, virus and malware.

It can remove junk from your phone, saves battery and boost up the whole system of your android device. Security master also offers you safe VPN connection to open sensitive sites for free.

MAX AppLock- Fingerprint Lock, Security Center

The app is specifically designed to meet all privacy policies related to your requirements. It is supporting all of the android applications and function accurately to protect data and phone’s applications. The app lock has very simple and user friendly interface.

You can enable and disable this locker with just a single tap. Apply any password, pattern, finger print and face detection on phone and keep your private data safe and secure within phone. If someone tries to unlock your phone by applying wrong password/ pattern 3 times, MAX AppLock takes a picture with secret camera and let you know who is trying to disturb your privacy.

Other interesting features include call blocking, boosting and cleaning device, apps management, and false lock screen wallpaper etc.

CM Locker- Security Lockscreen

The LockScreen application from CM is most popular due its security abilities and efficient working. You can apply passwords, PIN and finger print on the device. The application has so many features and options.

You can customize your Lockscreen according to desired style appearance as HD themes and wallpapers are also available. You can check details related to weather by adding up your location in the app. Moreover you can control play and pause from the Lockscreen by one hand directly.

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