10 Best Android Launchers Apps And Apk 2020

With the passage of time, technology has revolutionized the world. Everyone has smart phones which become a major requirement now days. Smart phones are designed with hundreds of features and applications. These features are often seems complicated to use and understand. There must be another way to make features easy to use and launch.

Android Launchers are the apps which have the ability to customize different features of the phone according to your choice. These launchers not only give a new look to your apps drawer interface but also make things easy to access in your smartphone.

Best Android Launchers for 2020

Android Launchers are used to minimize launching the every feature available on the home screen. Install any android launcher in your smartphone and make a selective list of the features to which you want to make quick access.

Android launchers will let you launch any app or any feature which you have selected to open it quickly. These apps are easy to download and operate. There is no need to worry about any harming effect of android launchers as they are safe for your phones. Best Android Launchers are listed below:


Smart Launcher 5

Smart Launcher 5 is one of the best launcher for android. It has a vast range of demanding features. The application has automatic system for the separation of features in different categories like you don’t need to customize the features of the phone; it will automatically select icons to save your time.

The app will automatically adjust its appearance and color scheme according to the wallpaper you have applied on your phone. Smart launcher is supporting all the latest android phones so that you can install and enjoy in every phone.

Moreover it has in built weather updates available with clock so that you can check out details related to it. Using the app, you can hide the search bar usually present on the home screen by which you will get more space on the screen.

It can perform your device related task much faster as compared to direct access and help you to organize functions more appropriately.

[appbox googleplay id=ginlemon.flowerfree]

Nova Launcher

The Android Launcher is pretty famous among android users, has multiple in built features to assure you the best android launcher ever found.

You can adjust color scheme of the themes, folders and layout using the app very easily.

Nova launcher keeps the speed of your phone much faster so that you can use all the options available very quickly. You can customize the tabs to scroll them in either vertical or horizontal way and get whatever you want to use.

Put any widget in the dock and make quick access to it, you can also do it for many features and contacts. Using the application, you can easily back up all the layouts and change the launcher settings using Nova Launcher.

[appbox googleplay id=com.teslacoilsw.launcher]

Apex Launcher

The application comes with unique features. Using the app you can customize all the apps available on home screen. Similarly, you can make easy access by drawing layouts and shortcuts. You can change the color of the home screen wallpaper, Icons and Add high quality beautiful effects to make the launcher elegant.

You can make your phone faster as it has boosting option which will increase Best Android Launcher sits working speed. You can sort out apps and hide the apps from the home screen to maintain privacy by the help of Apex Launcher.

You can backup and restore previous setting very easily with the launcher settings.

[appbox googleplay id=com.anddoes.launcher]

Nova Launcher Prime

It’s a paid version of Nova Launcher with hundreds of options and features. You can make folders and save your sensitive data within the application by using app drawer. You can customize home screen and make layouts by Nova launcher prime.

You can mark messages, calls and emails as unread and it will help you to respond the important tasks. It has multiple scrolling options like throw, wipe and accordion.

Nova launcher prime is fully save app for every android device so there is no need to worry about its working.

[appbox googleplay id=com.teslacoilsw.launcher.prime]

Smart launcher Pro 3

Similar as above, its the paid version of smart launcher application and has many different features which can make your phone a more wonderful as compared to free version.

You can customize all the available apps Best Android Launchers and options by creating widgets and layout. You can make quick access to your apps by double tap gesture. Using the app, you can create more than 8 different home screen for adjusting your apps and widgets.

Apps can be protected in hidden drawers and folders where you can apply password to keep your files secure. For finding any feature more quickly, use the search bar and make faster access.

[appbox googleplay id=ginlemon.flowerpro]

Apex Launcher Pro Best Android Launchers

You can save your files in app drawer and you can also create folders using the app. Make quick access by customizing your smart phone features and apps with Apex Launcher Pro. It has marked as unread option to keep you alert about your important work.

Similarly, you can select different style gestures and multiple widget options to get every app and option quickly. You can add up location in the Apex launcher pro and enhance its working. Purchase the app and modify your phone.

[appbox googleplay id=com.anddoes.launcher.pro]

Microsoft Launcher

The app has search bar option by which you can select different apps and multiple features of the phone more quickly and customize them according to your requirement. You can also hide apps and protect them by using passwords by Microsoft launcher.

Furthermore, the app is also providing you different wallpapers to enhance the appearance of your home screen. You can use the same launcher in pc and in android device as the launcher is supporting multiple devices very comfortably.

[appbox googleplay id=com.microsoft.launcher]

Apex Launcher Classic Best Android Launchers

The launcher is designed to gives you multiple pages for adjusting docks and icons. You can create upto 9 pages where every page can have more than 15 icons. You can customize folders and drawers according to your choice and make quick access to your apps by either swiping or tapping gesture.

You can restore and backup gestures by launcher settings. You can also sort out apps with options including date, title etc.

[appbox googleplay id=com.anddoes.gingerapex]

Evie Launcher

The application is used to make easy and quick access to your applications and options of the smart phone. If you want make access to your apps without searching, just swipe up to get all the apps over the screen very quickly.

There is an option search available by which you can launch the specific application in seconds. You can make layouts, customize apps and home screen accordingly and modify apps icons and change their size using Evie Launcher.

You can also make shortcuts using the app by simply tapping long on the option to which you want to add in your shortcuts. You can lock icons present on the home screen with it.

Buzz Launcher

The most Best Android Launchers desirable feature of the buzz launcher is the availability of thousands of themes with elegant colors and design to make your phone a beautiful piece of art.

The launcher is free of ads and helps you to manage the apps and features of phone in a highly customizable manner. Select any home screen and download it for free within few seconds using Buzz launcher.

You can also share your home screens with friends via social sites. You will get many unique widgets like clock, calendar and battery by Buzz Launcher.

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