Zubair Umar Video Watch – PML-N Leader Zubair Umar Original Video full Update

Zubair Umar Video Watch – PML-N pioneer Mohammad Zubair condemned on Monday what he named a “New Low” in legislative issues after a supposed video of him and an unidentified lady became a web sensation via online media.

The video, which arose on Sunday night, purportedly showed Zubair getting close with an unidentified lady. The video was among the top patterns on Twitter.

Zubair, who filled in as the legislative head of Sindh during the PML-N government’s residency that finished in 2018, said he had served his country with genuineness, uprightness, and responsibility and would keep on raising his voice for its improvement.

Telecaster Gharidah Farooqi tweeted that Zubair expected to direct a criminological review of the video.

Recently, the PML-N pioneer was entangled in another debate when reports had arisen that his little girl and child-in-law were vaccinated amiss even though they were neither wellbeing laborers nor old.

At that point, a wellbeing office official had said the facilitator was suspended and a request would be directed.

Arranging Minister Asad Umar, who is the top of the National Command and Operation Center (NCOC) supervising Pakistan’s Covid-19 reaction and turns out to be Zubair’s sibling, had likewise observed the reports.

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