zAnti Pro Hack APK Download Latest v3.19 For Android

Everyone is familiar with latest technology and usage of internet and mobile phones. Using android apps and their installation is very common now a days.  We often connect our phones with open available internet connections and install apps without knowing their effectiveness on our device. These activities can be harmful for our phones but it is not even informed by any source. Here we find an app that will help you to find weaknesses and weak points in your smartphone.

zANTI App – a mobile penetration testing tool that will help you to identify vulnerability into your device. The app has lots of unique features and options. It function as an indicator if there would be any danger regarding connectivity and installation.

zAnti APK – Mobile Penetration & Security Analysis Toolkit

zANTI is  mobile penetration and security analysis toolkit by which you can identify if any network is harming your device. The app is built as a collection of many tools like MiTM (Man in the middle attack) Scan by which you can scan your network, and measure and access vulnerabilities.

The following thing zANTI can do for you:

  • Scan all the parasites connected to the network
  • Which app is not safe to run
  • What content is not safe for device
  • What extra measure you should do

People often also use it for illegal purpose such as wifi hacking with zANTI, password phishing and others. We did not promote any illegal use of this app, so download and install this app on you own risk. We and Zimperiun are responsible for its illegal use.

zAnti APK Screenshot

How zANTI App Works

Once you start up the app. You will login and zANTI will begin to scan all of your available networks. If the app found any target network, Select it with quick swipe and you will find Action Menu where you will find multiple options including sniffing and exploit attempts.

Device Details

If you swipe again you will find nmap menu where many options are present related to nmap scanning. It can detect OS version and service identifications. This is really a cool and amazing app which let you know about harmful cyber attack techniques.

Network Scan

The main screen of the zANTI is basically a network map which will begin to filled with data as soon as you start using the app. It will show you related information about all the discovered hosts in the network such as IP address, MAC and open ports.

Scan Vulneability

Give proper time to app so that enough scanning can be done. zANTI can even list device manufacturers and operating system. It will provide you maximum information about each entry.

Test with in-depth attacks methods

Test perform other than Man in the middle attack:

  • Password Phishing methods
  • Browser redirection
  • Session hijacking
  • SSL striping
  • Image replacement

Full network scanning requires time. Notifications will be popped up on your screen when work is completed. Selection of any specific entry will take you to a new page where you can perform deeper nmap scanning. You can launch exploits and vulnerabilities against it. Now you can select exploits. In case of man in the middle attack you will find so many options which are offered by zANTI to the operator.

zANTI APK Features

  • Simple fast and free to install
  • Give detailed information about device
  • Stimulate real world harmful cyber attack techniques
  • Quickly identify unsafe elements in your network
  • Deeply test the attacks
  • Simulate attack pattern
  • Find Loop Holes

How to Download and Install zANTI

Initially zANTI was available on Play Store but then it is removes the Store because of its illegal use. But you can download zANTI APK file from our site and install this amazing app in to your device. To download it click over the link given below. You will see a page will open after clicking the button, the contains download link. This downloading is simple, fast and easy.

One this you must bear in your mind device must be rooted first to run this app on your device.

The first main step is the installation of zANTI.  Just follow the instructions given and you will be able to install this app.

  • Launch the downloaded zANTI APK file
  • But Android will not allow you install the app other than Play Store, but don’t worry, just enable the “Unknown Source” from Security.
  • Now again launch it and it will start installation process, it will take some time to install
  • Once the installation process completed, now its ready to for to use

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