YouTube++ App: YouTube Downloader for iOS [iPhone, iPad & iPod] 2019

Youtube Plus ++ App – download youtube videos on iOS device such as iphone, ipad, & ipod

YouTube is the most favorite and worldwide used video content site. It’s a sort of entertainment as well as general information can easily be drawn from it. YouTube is making business worldwide and it is also a way of earning for many people. The application provides you information without any cost so it is an attractive for the users to get every type of knowledge from a single plate form. But official youtube does allow you to download videos from youtube.

YouTube Plus – Youtube Downloader for iOSYouTube++ is the modified version of YouTube that allow you to download yotuube videos on your iphone, ipad and ipod. It not only allow you to download videos but come with more features and options.

YouTube Plus App: a modified version of YouTube for iOS

YouTube PLus (‘Youtube++’) is nothing else but a modified form of official YouTube for iOS devices where you will meet with multiple other fantastic options. One of the main feature is you will be able to download youtube videos on ios iphone with this app.


Download YouTube Videos on iPhone

There are many problems which you are facing on official YouTube because of its strict policies. You cannot download videos directly by official YouTube but YouTube++ is offering you to download as much videos as you can without any problem.

Downloading videos with Youtube plus is pretty interesting, the app allow the user to select the video of the video and also change the file format of the video you are going to download such as you can convert it into MP3 format.

The application is free from all the restriction which usually present on official YouTube. The downloading of YouTube++ is very easy and there is no need to root your device. It is supporting all the Android, iOS and windows device.

Watch YouTube Without Ads

As you know you can not watch youtube videos without ads for free, to remove video ads youtube offers its paid subscription on monthly basis. But obviously it cost money and not only one time for life but every time in a month, this really a painful thing.

YouTube Plus allow you watch Youtube videos without ads for free, isn’t it interesting…

YouTube++ blocks all the advertisement which is shown before every video on official YouTube. Moreover, you can download and give reply of videos with just one tap using the app. Now watch youtube videos without being disturb by videos ads.

Play Videos in Background

The other big problem in youtube is you can not play videos in background, this creates really awkward situation for your when you want to listen your favorite music and also want to use another app at the same time.

In this situation Youtube++ did not leave you behind, It is also offering you to play videos and audios in background very simply.

This feature is not available on official YouTube. For installing the app, you need to remove the official YouTube from the device or disable it from the Apps Manger in your settings. The app is ads free and you will have much more desired options available within it.

Youtube++ Features

  • YouTube++ is fantastic application with more features as compared to YouTube official
  • Third party application
  • Need permissions from security settings
  • Free installation and free downloading
  • Adds and bugs free
  • Remove ads from the videos
  • Offers you to download videos in different formats
  • Vast range of speed off playing videos
  • Background video/ audio can be played with it
  • Need internet connection for working
  • Save videos into the internal memory
  • Easy simple and much more better than official YouTube

Download Youtube Plus on iOS [iphone, ipad & ipod]

As you know Youtube Plus is free to download on ios devices but it is not available on itune/App Store. To download Youtube++ on iphone you have to download its .ipa file from the link given below. After download install the given file on your device and you use this amazing app on your device.

Download Youtube Plus on Android

Youtube++ is mostly used for iOS devices but you can also download it for Android device. Jut download its .apk file from the give link and install it in your device.

But we don’t prefer it to install it on Android devices, you can check these youtube mods Instube and OGYoutube to download youtube videos on your android device. These recommended app offers more functionality on Android device.

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