Wilson Joseph Haiti Video – Haiti Gang Leader Wilson Joseph

Wilson Joseph Haiti Video – The alleged head of Haiti Gang 400 Mawozo, Wilson Joseph, has taken to web-based media to give a danger towards US preachers, as per reports.

The video was presented via web-based media coursed online Thursday (October 21st).

Wilson Joseph is the supposed head of the Haiti 400 Mawozo road pack.

400 Mawozo is infamous for savage mass kidnappings, as indicated by reports, and is liable for the grabbing of 17 US preachers.

Specialists said that the pack requested $1m per grabbed individual.

According to The Washington Post, Joseph faults public police boss Léon Charles for the passing of individual gangsters, who kicked the bucket when police reacted to an assault on a business.

Charles surrendered as head of the public police on Thursday, reports say.

The video has since gotten out and about on Twitter.

Samuel Madistin, a legal advisor and executive of the governing body of the basic freedoms bunch Fondation Je Klere, said that Joseph’s dangers ought to be treated seriously.

According to reports, sixteen Americans and one Canadian, alongside their Haitian driver, were abducted by the Haiti posse.

Around the same time, the posse additionally supposedly snatched a Haiti college educator.

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