WiFi Unlocker APK Download For Android 2019 – WiFi password unlocker

WiFi Unlocker ApK – Unlock WiFi and get access to the other’s WiFi, and use free internet any where you have available WiFi connections.

Internet is available everywhere as it has become a need of every person. You often have seen many networks by opening WiFi of your phone. Many networks are secured which means they require password for allowing you to use.

WiFi Unlocker is an open network application by which you can check the security of available networks. The app is amazing and latest in working. It hits the true need of people now days.

WiFi Unlocker APK: Get access to WiFi

WiFi Unlocker is the recently launched application with simple interface. It allow you to get access to WiFi of other people who set easy passwords. This app works like brute force attack and and compare the combinations of possible password it has in its library. If there will be correct match it works and you will get access to WiFi.

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Name Wi-Fi Unlocker APK
Developed By Unknown
Category Tool
Rating 4+
Price Free
App Size 1 MB
Language English
Latest Version 2.0 1.1.3
Compatibility Android 2.1+


The app is specially designed to let the user audit the passwords of available devices. It is straight forward, fast and unique app with user friendly interface. Help you to get into your neighbors Wifi and use free internet until they know it.

After that, launch the WiFi Unlocker 2.0 app you will find refresh option on the upper right corner of the screen tap on the option it will start searching for the networks which are in its range. It may take some time. When the search completes, you will find a list of available networks.

Now you can initiate the management process. Select a network with which you are familiar somehow and check its security. You will find password of the selected network and that’s all. The WiFi hacker app is supporting a vast of networks including D link, B box, SKY, otenet, Aircom, Fast Web etc. it also supports many modern networks. You can also change the password after retrieving it so that you can enjoy connectivity unlimited.

Sometimes the Wi-Fi Unlocker fails in guessing the password, this is because it did not have the combinations of password in its library.

Wi-Fi Unlocker APK Features

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  • Identify a vast range of networks
  • Supporting many internet devices
  • Bugs and ads free
  • Broad range of connectivity
  • Compatible with modems and routers


Download and Install Wifi Unlocker in your device from site link available at the end of the post. As its a third-party app, so, installation requires permissions of “unknown source” from the settings.

Now hack into other’s WiFi Connection and surprise him with this amazing app.

[su_note note_color=”#fcede6″]Please one thing bear in your mind, we do not promote any of illegal use of the app. So, in any case of its illegal use we are not responsible. Please do not use other’s WiFi without their permissions.[/su_note]


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