Why did Soojin Leave Gidle – Soojin Leaves Gidle

Why did Soojin Leave Gidle – K-pop has been enduring an onslaught since the time a few claimed casualties have come out to uncover icons’ repulsive past as school menaces. Numerous symbols like Mingyu from Seventeen, Hyunjin from Stray Kids to give some examples had been assaulted by assumed casualties. Be that as it may, these claims ended up being bogus upon legitimate examination.

Web optimization Soojin also called Soojin from the K-pop gathering (G)I-dle went on a transitory rest on March 4, 2021. After a great deal of to and fro in regards to the outrage, it seemed like Cube Entertainment was not doing anything about the whole circumstance.

Soojin’s bullying scandal

At first, both Soojin and Cube Entertainment denied these reports. Yet, the circumstance got ugly for Soojin when entertainer Seo Shin Ae approached to blame Soojin for harassing her in school. Yet, fans had still been confident about the circumstance as the greater part of different icons who were associated with comparative embarrassments were considered guiltless as they were at last ready to join their gatherings and finish standard exercises.

A great deal of harm had been done to Soojin’s standing during the embarrassment and her odds to join the gathering again were restricted on the grounds that tormenting outrages are not trifled with by the Korean public. All the more in this way, on the grounds that for Soojin’s situation she was blamed for tormenting her casualties throughout a significant stretch of time and furthermore blamed for school savagery.

Cube Entertainment releases a statement

On August 14, Cube Entertainment reported that Soojin would leave the gathering. In their assertion they originally apologized for the grief fans had suffer as a result of the debate encompassing Soojin. They said that they had settled on their ultimate choice that Soojin would leave the gathering and (G)I-dle would proceed with just 5 individuals.

This assertion from Cube Entertainment has left fans upset. This isn’t the principal occurrence of botch seen from the name. Specialists like HyunA and Dawn were excused from the organization when it was uncovered that they were dating one another.

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