Where did Afghan President Ghani Flee To | Why did Afghanistan fall so Quickly

Where did Afghan President Ghani Flee To – Taliban warriors enter Kabul after President Ashraf Ghani leaves Afghanistan, saying he needed to stay away from slaughter.

Taliban warriors entered Kabul and President Ashraf Ghani left Afghanistan saying he needed to stay away from slaughter, flagging the finish of a 20-year Western investigation pointed toward revamping Afghanistan.

The Taliban spread out across the capital on Sunday and assumed responsibility for the official royal residence. Al Jazeera acquired selective film of Taliban administrators in the castle with many outfitted contenders.

The Taliban likewise said it had assumed responsibility for a large portion of the areas around the edges of the capital.

The city was held by alarm, with helicopters hustling overhead for the duration of the day to empty faculty from the US government office. Smoke rose close to the compound as staff obliterated significant archives, and the American banner was brought down. A few other Western missions additionally ready to haul their kin out.

Afghans expecting that the Taliban could reimpose the sort of ruthless principle that everything except wiped out ladies’ privileges hurried to leave the nation, arranging at cash machines to pull out their life reserve funds. The frantically poor – who had left homes in the field for the assumed wellbeing of the capital – stayed in parks and open spaces all through the city.

As the Taliban surrounded Sunday, President Ashraf Ghani flew out of the country.

Ghani later posted on Facebook that he had decided to pass on the nation to deflect slaughter in the capital, without saying where he had gone. Nearby media detailed that Ghani left for Tajikistan.

However the Taliban had guaranteed a quiet progress, the US international safe haven suspended activities and cautioned Americans late in the day to protect set up and do whatever it takes not to get to the air terminal.

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