What is Medical Assistant – Opportunities for Medical Assistant Jobs and Career

Treatment of a patient cannot be carried out by the doctors alone; help from other people is required. Those people are called medical assistant. These people assist the doctor in the treatment of patients. There is a huge demand for medical assistants all over the world, therefore causing many hospitals to have shortfall in the number of these professionals. The work of a medical assistant varies according to the educational background that each has. In most cases, the medical attendants do most of the work under the supervision of a doctor. Some of the roles played by a medical attendant include, taking the patient’s blood pressure, administering medicine that has been prescribed as well as monitoring the patient. This is what a medical assistant is.

In order for you to be a medical assistant, there is a need to have certification. It is important for people in charge of hospitals to make sure that the medical assistant are certified to work with patients because they are dealing with peoples’ lives. Life is wealth; therefore, medical assistants must make sure that they are certified. In case a hospital is found not to have certified medical assistants, it can be sued to compensate patients and some of its employees imprisoned. If a hospital is told to compensate patients due to this, it can end up having financial problems that ruin its reputation. You can now guess what a medical assistant is.

An essential step that must be carried out by all those that want to be medical assistant is training. Training involves hands on experience in a hospital. It is the doctors that train the medical assistants about what to do. Nurses can also assist medical assistants in their work by teaching them about the profession. This requirement of training is essential to your profession because it equips you with skills and experience that will act as guidance in the working or professional world. Training will also be required to teach a medical assistant how to handle patients and look after them.

The work that medical assistants do may vary from one hospital to another. This is also based on the certificates each has. There are medical assistants that have degrees and those that have certificates. Those who have certificates may carry out office work such as filing of documents, dealing with insurance institutions, carrying out secretarial work, booking appointments for patients, buying supplies for the health facility and many other roles. This is all what a medical assistant is.


By now, you know what a medical assistant is. Some medical assistants that have degrees usually deal with the patients more directly, therefore, their area of work is administering medicine(injecting), taking patients to their rooms, assisting patients fill in their medical history, carrying out the doctors’ instructions, measuring the blood pressure of patients and many other roles that may be required of them. Therefore being a medical assistant requires you to have studied and trained well. The main role that a medical assistant carries out is to assist the doctors as much as possible. This profession requires you to be careful when handling patients.

Medical Assistant Work and Job Description

When a company hires new employees, the first step is to give them an employment contract. This contract clearly specifies the work that must be carried out by each individual. In the same way when a hospital hires medical assistant, there is an employment contract that contains the medical assistant job description of each assistant. This employment contract, stipulates the type of work that must be carried out in the hospital. This can be called the medical assistant’s job . The job is majorly based on the education background as well as the training and experience that one has.

There are many job opportunities for medical assistants in the world. Medical assistants can be hired at clinics as well as in big health facilities such as hospitals. A medical assistant has wide range of tasks that can be done basing on the medical assistant job , which may vary from administrative to clinical work. The major task that a medical assistant will be required to do is to assist the doctors when treating the patients. It is burdening for doctors to treat patients without the help of medical assistants such as nurses.

A medical assistant is of great help especially when doctors are operating a patient. They clean surgical equipment according to their medical assistant work description, and assist the doctors to get ready in case of an emergency. Medical assistants can work in different areas in a hospital such as the theater, laboratories and so on. They are responsible for carrying out check-ups on the patients. In addition to the above, they can provide information to the patients about the hospital. Due to the work that is carried out by hospitals, they must be open 24-hours in a day. This means that a hospital does not close down like other institutions. Hospitals have a policy whereby their employees can work during day or at night.

Therefore, medical assistants work in shifts because the work is tiring. A medical office assistant is responsible for receiving patients, booking appointments, filing work, which includes medical records, answering and receiving calls and registering patients. An administrative medical assistant’s job includes; filing of medical records, handling insurance claims, providing information to patients, medical billing procedure of patients as well as explaining the hospital procedures. A medical assistant who handles clinical affairs of the hospitals has a different medical assistant work description from the rest.

According to the medical assistant work description, the work of a clinical medical assistant varies greatly from one hospital to another. The work includes, working in the laboratory, getting blood and urine samples from the patients, putting dressings on wounds, assisting the doctors when operating, getting the health records of patients and assisting in any way that may be required by the doctor for the well being of the patients. In addition to that, the work description of medical assistants may vary depending on the educational background and experience. If you have the above qualities, and you want to be part of this profession, there are many jobs vacancies, which you can get in clinics as well as hospitals.

Opportunities for Medical Assistant Jobs and Career

Medical assistant career require a person to transport medical equipment or samples from one place to another. Therefore, a medical assistant can also carry out this profession. This profession mainly involves someone transporting hospital items from one place to another within the hospital. These items may include medicine and other hospital equipment or chemicals that are needed. Everyone should consider this job, especially if one is unemployed.

The medical assistant jobs can easily be found online for all those people who are looking for employment. Go to various hospitals websites and check if they have any vacancy in the area. You can also search it on the main search engines and they could tell you where such a vacancy has been advertised online. The job is very simple, for instance, the laboratory may be located elsewhere. However, you have to be trained so as to be able to handle these samples well while transporting them. It is essential that the samples are not contaminated and that they reach in the same state that they came in. People who carry out medical assistant jobs and career usually work in shifts.

A hospital is a place that never rests. Therefore, there are usually medical career that work during day, and those that work during the night shift. The most essential requirement for those that carry out this job is to have a valid driving license. Most employers should make sure that the employees have valid driving licenses. In addition to the above, their driving history must be good. For all those who want to pursue medical assistant jobs and career, training must be carried out both with some medical and handling courses.

Medical assistant career courses teach how to handle hospital items as well as given medical clothing to prevent their bodies from being contaminated with whatever that is being transported or the vice versa. Every hospital has its own salary scale for those that carry out medical assistant career tasks. According to various laws, in case a medical assistant is hurt while carrying out this job, compensation must be paid. If you want to carry out this job, it is important to make sure that you have the right educational background. In addition to that, the college must be accredited by the state to show that it is qualified to teach students.

Other than the above, you can enroll for medical assistant degree or certificate. After you have gotten the certificates and have undergone adequate training, the next step is to find hospitals that provide for medical assistant jobs and career. Almost all hospitals need a medical career ; therefore it will not be hard to find employment. Medical assistant can include medical career , nurses, laboratory technicians and all those people who assist doctors in hospitals. If you want this job, makes sure that you have the most essential requirement and that is the driving permit. The medical assistant  jobs are essential to the functioning of any hospital. They will certainly give you a decent paycheck.

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