What If Episode 8 Reddit – What If…? Season 1, Episode 8

What If Episode 8 Reddit – The eighth scene of Marvel’s What If…? investigates a reality where Ultron orders his arrangement for global control and annihilates the Avengers.

After things got happy with the tale of a needed Thor to arrange the most ideal party, What If…? gets back with another dull section. “What If… Ultron Won?” investigates a reality wherein Ultron authorizes his arrangement for global control and obliterates the Avengers.

The scene starts with the Watcher clarifying that, as such countless different real factors What If…? has investigated, this present scene is barely hanging on. Dark Widow then, at that point, shows up in outline, being pursued by Ultron bots, before Hawkeye shows up and assists her with the danger. After the battle, Natasha uncovers they’ve come to Russia to figure out how to stop Ultron.

The Watcher then, at that point, sets aside an effort to clarify how this reality became, as has become standard in each What If…? scene. Maybe then the Avengers taking the support that held Vision’s body during the occasions of Age of Ultron, Ultron moves his cognizance to the body and assumes responsibility for the Mind Stone, permitting him to ruin the world. Notwithstanding, after purifying Earth, Ultron meets Thanos, who’s come search of the Mind Stone. However, before he can hear the Mad Titan’s pitch, he kills him, takes the remainder of the Infinity Stones for him, and sets out on a mission of widespread mastery.

Ultron’s first stop is Asgard, which he instantly clears off the guide before making a beeline for Ego, the Sovereign, and Sakaar to do the same thing. In any case, a barricade anticipates him on Xandar as Captain Marvel, who drives the robot to the planet’s center to obliterate him. Ditty’s arrangement falls flat, obviously, and Ultron obliterates her alongside Xandar, which was the last planet he needed to prevail.

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