Walter the Cat Chevy Truck Commercial – Walter Cat Commercial Goes Viral as A Cat Truck Commercial

Walter the Cat Chevy Truck Commercial – In most authority ads for the Chevy Silverado, the pickup truck is the superstar – with the entertainers or voiceover ordinarily zeroing in on the truck’s highlights, capacities as well as cost. Another Silverado advertisement takes the spotlight off the truck, be that as it may, and rather coordinates the crowd’s consideration toward a delightful, carefree cat named Walter.

This amusing 60-second spot shows a Chevy Silverado 1500 proprietor taking his home feline, Walter, on a progression of outdoorsy undertakings in the full-size pickup truck. The proprietor regards Walter as though he was a Golden Retriever, yelling orders at him utilizing his name, taking him chasing and fishing, playing bring and in any event, depending on him to help gather together some steers.

In one scene, Walter and the truck proprietor are playing bring in a little inland lake. A close by angler sees Walter bouncing into the lake off the dock to get a stick, to which he answers “that is mind blowing!” The truck proprietor erroneously thinks he was discussing the Multi-Flex Tailgate on his Chevy Silverado and starts clarifying how the multi-position back end functions to the angler. The angler then, at that point explains that he was discussing the feline, however the truck proprietor fail to see for what reason he’d be flabbergasted at Walter’s bringing capacities. All things considered, as far as he might be concerned, Walter’s simply being Walter.

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“Meet a truck fellow whose closest companion isn’t a canine — it’s a feline,” Chevy’s depiction for the promotion says. “Spectators are astounded by this feline who acts very much like a canine, yet this Silverado proprietor imagines that his Multi-Flex Tailgate — with six unique designs — is far seriously astonishing.”

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