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Video Nice Marseille Interrompu – The Nice-Marseille match was hindered by the arbitrator after allies overflowed the pitch this Sunday evening. Following 90 minutes of interference, the arbitrator authoritatively finished the gathering, the OM players not wishing to continue. An examination was opened by the Nice investigator’s office.

Pitiful pictures this Sunday at the Allianz Riviera. The football match between OGN Nice and Olympique de Marseille was hindered by the arbitrator after the ground was attacked by some Nice allies, this Sunday evening for the end match of the third day of Ligue 1. L he occurrence began in the 75th moment when OM player Dimitri Payet returned one of the numerous plastic jugs he got each time he went for a corner to the Nice allies’ stand.

Angry, allies plunged on the grass to undermine the Marseille N.10, before the arbitrator sent the players back to the storage space.

Hit by one of the shots, Payet fell to the ground prior to getting up and snatching the jug that had hit him to toss it towards the stand.

Dante, the Nice commander, shown up thusly to attempt to quiet the allies.

A security cordon of stewards, wearing yellow vests, attempted to stop the allies, yet blows were traded at better places of the contribute a scrimmage between players of the two groups, allies and stewards.

Among the numerous furious entertainers, Marseille mentor Jorge Sampaoli must be overwhelmed by individuals from his staff not to battle. In the changing room hallway, as per pictures broadcast on TV, the leader of OM, Pablo Longoria, was examining with his players and Nice pioneers. The leader of Nice, Jean-Pierre Rivère, was on the yard to converse with his allies behind the Nice objective.

After over 90 minutes of interference, the match was authoritatively and absolutely halted by the official. Neighborhood law authorization, prefectural power, proficient football alliance and OGC Nice had in any case consented to a resumption of the gathering. Oh well, the players of Olympique de Marseille have decided not to get back to the field. The authority of the gathering – Mr. Benoît Bastien – put the ball at the corner post, whistled the resumption of play and noticed the shortfall of the Phocéens. It eventually implied the finish of the game.

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