Video De La Muerte De Octavio Ocaña – Muerte Benito De Vecinos

Video De La Muerte De Octavio Ocaña – This Saturday, October 30, the passing of entertainer Octavio Ocaña, referred to for his job as Benito in Neighbors, the comic series that arose in 2005, was reported. The conditions in which the capable youngster kicked the bucket were vicious, he was on board his truck in the district of Cuautitlán Izcalli in the State of Mexico.

Nonetheless, the two fanatics of Octavio Ocaña and other Internet clients, disheartened by the news, started to conjecture about the situation in which the entertainer’s arm was, they even guaranteed that obviously, he didn’t kick the bucket as indicated by the authority form, however, that somebody would have created the scene.

This is expected to numerous photographs and recordings of the minutes prior to his demise.

In the accompanying video, you can see the entertainer still alive inside his vehicle, with noticeable disarray he contacts his temple and nose with his hand, which is brimming with his own blood. Tact is suggested for minors and the people who are profoundly touchy, as the pictures are very realistic.

In the past video, it very well may be seen that the entertainer actually had an intentional development when the police vans showed up at the scene, so many Internet clients are distrustful of the form where it is expressed that he most definitely shot himself with the weapon that he obviously conveyed.

A significant detail called attention to by clients of different informal organizations is that the situation wherein Octavio was holding the weapon was unnatural since the entertainer is left-given and had the gun of obscure type in his right hand.

The recording was caught by observers to the occurrence. The Prosecutor’s Office announced that there was no trade of shots between the city police and Octavio Ocaña, yet a few observers say that, then again, a formally dressed lady toward the finish of the video referenced that the entertainer had been hitting different vehicles.

Many individuals concurred that similar public security components purportedly positioned the firearm in their grasp and the glass of liquor in the ashtray of their truck. For different clients, the way that the authority watch vehicle was marginally harmed implied that it might have been that equivalent vehicle that hit Octavio Ocaña’s vehicle so it smashed.

Despite the fact that there is still no data to guarantee if Octavio Ocaña was in a drunkard express, the columnist referred to on Twitter as Carlos Jiménez delivered a photo showing a glass with some sort of cocktail in the ashtray of his truck.

As indicated by the Prosecutor’s Office, when strolling through the roads of the region of Cuautitlán Izcalli, city cops asked the entertainer and the other two travelers to stop. Nonetheless, the driver didn’t stop and sped up to try not to be halted, which began a pursuit.

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