Video Aviao Marilia Mendonça – Updates

video acidente marilia mendonça

Video Aviao Marilia Mendonça – A video was delivered that shows the main salvage work after the plane accident that took the vocalist Marília Mendonça, this Friday (5/11). The airplane conveying the craftsman smashed in Caratinga, in the Vale do Rio Doce locale of Minas Gerais.

The mishap left something like one individual dead, specialists affirmed late this evening.

In the video delivered, men who were close to the slammed plane, in a cascade, talk.

In the video, the craftsman shows up with her guitar and bag, strolling towards the plane. It commends the “rarities” of the state, for example, cachaça, canasta cheddar, cheddar bread, and tropeiro beans. Then, he seems doing activities and eating an apple.

Up until this point, the vocalist’s group has said that Marília had the option to be protected alive, however, there are no insights concerning her wellbeing. One demise has been affirmed. As per the press office, the craftsman, the maker, and a guide, the pilot, and the co-pilot were on the plane – the neighborhood specialists have not yet remarked on the number of tenants of the airplane.

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