Vera Mekuli Instagram – NYPD Cop Caught On Video

Vera Mekuli Instagram – A newbie New York cop who became famous online in the wake of giving her manager an ignoble lap dance at a bar has been distinguished.
A police newbie who gave her lieutenant an unseemly lap dance at a New York City party has been recognized.

Vera Mekuli, 26, who just joined the New York Police Department in February, was shot crushing on top of Lt Nick McGarry at a bar in the Bronx last Thursday.
Before joining the NYPD positions, Ms. Mekuli filled in as a realtor in the Big Apple.
Ms. Mekuli is a Bronx local who went to the John Jay College of Criminal Justice on the Upper West Side.

She was unable to be promptly reached following the unrefined video being unveiled.

Lt McGarry was promptly booted to the Transit Bureau as higher-ups dispatched an examination concerning the hot video.
The freshman cop isn’t confronting any disciplinary charges.

A man at a Bronx address recorded for the Mekulis pummeled the entryway on a correspondent Wednesday.

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