Urban Myers Video Bar – Urban Meyer Video Dancing

Urban Myers Video Bar – Metropolitan Meyer’s video at the bar in Ohio becomes famous online.

The Jaguars are right now 0-4 after a tragic 24-21 misfortune to Cincinnati Thursday night.

A video surfaced Saturday that seems, by all accounts, to be Jaguars lead trainer Urban Meyer sitting in a bar/cafĂ© while a lady, who doesn’t give off an impression of being his better half, was seen moving dependent upon him.

It’s muddled if the video was required this end of the week.

Because of the Thursday night game, the Jaguars players had the end of the week off with their next training not planned until Monday.

Nonetheless, Meyer did a virtual call with the Jacksonville media on Friday evening. Meyer has his typical news meeting booked for Monday morning.

Additionally, the Jaguars lost their top returning recipient, DJ Chark, for the critical time when he experienced a messed up lower leg on the third play of the game. Adding to the establishment’s hardships, the Jaguars have lost 19 successive games since last season and are only seven misfortunes from tying the 1976-77 Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ 26-game losing streak, the longest in NFL history.

The beginning of the Meyer period has not been in any way similar to what was generally anticipated. In any case, assumptions were most likely too high considering the establishment went 1-15 last season, and the program needs quality profundity at a few positions.

No. 1 by and large pick Trevor Lawrence is going through the normal developing agonies as a youngster beginning quarterback with seven block attempts and two lost bobbles after four games.

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