Tiktok Nanny and Dad – Nanny Norton Dancing With Dad Actor

Tiktok Nanny and Dad – A TikTok video of a dad and his family’s 23-year-old caretaker reenacting a scene from Dirty Dancing has circulated around the web and started worry from the individuals who saw it.

The babysitter, Lizzie Norton, was recorded by the mother of the youngsters she really focuses on hitting the dance floor with the dad, Andrew. They were endeavoring to reenact the well known lift scene from the 1987 film.

In the TikTok video, which was posted on Aug. 3, Norton and Andrew are shot difficult—yet fizzling—to lift each other up. Andrew’s better half, Rachel, can be heard giggling behind the scenes.

The video gathered over 8.6 million perspectives on Rachel’s TikTok account, which has more than 110,000 supporters and archives existence with her significant other, two kids, and caretaker.

Insider revealed that in a second video that that has since been made private, Rachel said that Andrew and Norton hung out a lot during the pandemic, however since the time he got back to his work environment, they have seen less of one another.

In the subsequent video, Rachel said that while Norton and Andrew saw each other consistently during the pandemic, this was not true anymore since Andrew got back to his working environment.

The video that has since gotten more than 7,000,000 perspectives notwithstanding, didn’t agree with a greater part of web-based media clients.

Babysitters additionally guaranteed they could never participate in comparable conduct around their male boss.

Rachel clarified she met Lizzie while dropping her most established child off at childcare.

During the pandemic, the couple employed Lizzie to help, while Rachel went to work and Andrew telecommuted.

Rachel affirmed there wasn’t the ideal opportunity for her significant other to undermine her since he worked higher up while Lizzie watched the children ground floor.

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