Taliban Helicopter Hanging People Video Viral – Afghanistan Hanging From Blackhawk Helicopter

Taliban Helicopter Hanging People Video Viral – A video shared online seems to show Taliban powers flying a $6million US Black Hawk helicopter over Kandahar to watch the city.

The recording was shared on Twitter by a record called Talib Times which professes to be the authority news hotspot for the Islamic Emirate Afghanistan.

The unsubstantiated film shows a man swinging from a helicopter as it flies over Kandahar in front of the US’s exit from Afghanistan.

It is dreaded the Taliban could approach up to 200,000 guns, 20,000 Humvees and many airplanes the US gave to the Afghan armed force.

It comes days after film arose of the Taliban testing a caught Black Hawk helicopter by taxi-ing it around a runway.

The gathering likewise delivered purposeful publicity film of body shield clad ‘exceptional powers’ with night vision goggles.

Recently, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan conceded the US doesn’t have a ‘unmistakable picture’ of exactly what amount missing $83 billion of military stock could now be in the possession of the foe.

Yet, numerous outlets have assessed the figure incorporates 22,000 Humvees given to Afghan powers somewhere in the range of 2003 and 2016.

Taliban warriors have since been imagined riding on the vehicles in Kabul.

Hardware given by US to the Afghan Army presently liable to be in hands of the Taliban likewise incorporates 50,000 strategic vehicles, 1,000 mine safe vehicles and 150 protected work force transporters.

Airplane likely left for the Taliban to utilize incorporates more than 160 planes and helicopters, including four C-130 vehicle airplane, 23 A-29 Super Tucano turboprop assault airplane, 45 UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters and 50 MD530 choppers.

It was at first indistinct on the off chance that anybody in the Taliban’s positions was able to fly the airplane after a video arose of warriors taking a flightless drive around in the Black Hawk arose.

The US additionally gave no less than 200,000 guns to the Afghan armed force, including M24 expert rifleman rifles, M18 attack weapons, against tank rockets, programmed projectile launchers, mortars and rocket moved explosives.

Afghan military authorities are accepted to have left the country in around 40 unique US-provided airplane in the days paving the way to its tumble to the Taliban.

The Afghan Army additionally got 18 ‘insight, observation, and reconnaissance’ planes, for example, the PC-12, a freight airplane made by Swiss organization Pilatus.

The gathering seems to have grabbed the best in class MBITR-2 (Multi-band Intrateam Radios) supported by US Green Berets yet denied to most customary UK work force. They were given to Afghan government powers.

The assailant gathering’s transformation from cloth label guerrilla power to profoundly proficient, amazingly prepared armed force has been to the detriment of Western citizens.

The UK and the US have taken care of the check for the eye-wateringly costly equipment, yet additionally the preparation spending plan – as the Taliban’s positions have been enlarged by turncoats from the Afghan National Security Forces.

Alarmingly the gathering has additionally acquired biometric assortment and recognizable proof gadgets which could assist them with distinguishing Afghans who worked for alliance powers, a considerable lot of whom stay caught in the nation and could be held prisoner by the Taliban.

Mr Banks, who served in Afghanistan as an official accountable for providing weapons, said: ‘Because of the carelessness of this organization, the Taliban presently approaches $85billion (£62billion) worth of military hardware.

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan conceded he didn’t have a ‘complete image’ of the amount of the missing military stock could now be in the possession of the adversary.

This hardware, like few vehicles, would have been flown back to Britain were it not for the need to focus on the departure of thousands of weak Afghans and UK residents.

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