Steffen Peters Freestyle Tokyo Video – US Dressage Olympic Team 2021 – Rave Horse Olympics

Steffen Peters Freestyle Tokyo Video – This week at the Tokyo Games, four-time Olympian Steffen Peters and his pony Suppenkasper (Mopsi) scored 80.968 percent during the dressage Grand Prix Freestyle singular last, which is basically an occasion where riders and their ponies dance to music while consolidating mandatory deceives and moves.

Actually like with regards to gymnastic floor schedules, the music a free-form is performed to is picked by the contender — and it appears to be that the 56-year-old US rider has a genuine article for dance, house, and electronic music.

Regardless of being the most seasoned US Olympian to award since 1952, Peters’ life as a previous DJ and his resulting enthusiasm for music is clear in his free-form tune decisions that have procured his pony the title “Rave Horse”.

Playing out his daily practice to a seven-minute house uber blend — highlighting Robin Schultz and James Blunt’s ‘alright’, the Haddaway ‘What Is Love?’ club alter, Starley’s ‘Approach Me (Ryan Riback Remix)’, and the Firebeatz remix of Alex Gaudino’s consistently famous ‘Objective Calabria’ — a bit of Peters dressage free-form has circulated around the web on TikTok.

While Peters and Mopsi didn’t decoration in the wake of coming in 10th spot, the rider has been commended online for offering everybody a moment chance of sentimentality by resuscitating the exemplary sensation of a 2010s local gathering.

Yet, how competitors can share their desire for music during schedules — regardless of whether it’s through old house tracks or WAP — is one of Steffen Peters most loved pieces of free-form dressage. In past free-form dressage occasions, Peters and Mopsi have ridden to tracks by David Bowie, Queen, and even Kanye West’s ‘Blur’.

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