Snow College Missing Girl – Brent Brown Madelyn Allen Wayne County

Snow College Missing Girl – In the wake of being absent for almost seven days, Madelyn Allen has been seen as alive.

Madelyn Found Alive

Snow College reported via online media Saturday night that missing understudy Madelyn Allen, “Maddie,” has been viewed as alive.
Allen had been absent since Dec. 13.

Investigation still undergoing

Police observed Madelyn in a Wayne County home, said Snow College Police Chief Derek Walk. Boss Walk clarified this was 90 miles south of where she was first absent. The house was involved by Brent Brown, who has now been set up for prison and accused of the block of equity with different charges forthcoming, police say.
Sorting out what we know
Maddie left her condo at 9:22 p.m. on December thirteenth, as per police records.

In the wake of following a progression of hints found from mobile phone pings and different sources, police endeavored to look through a home in Wayne County, as per police.

A man addressed the entryway and would not permit an inquiry of his home, police say. Specialists recognized the man as Brent Brown from his driver’s permit.

Officials tracked down Maddie in the cellar of this home They announced thinking that she is shrouded in coal dust in a coal lair. Police found through interviews with Maddie that she had been supposedly held without wanting to and attacked on different occasions by Brent Brown.

Family speaks publicly

On Sunday, Snow College Police Chief Derek Walk gave a public interview with Madelyn’s family.
The family additionally offered their thanks to the local area.
Vigil turned festival of Madelyn’s return

Maddie’s family had arranged a candlelight vigil for Sunday, December sixteenth at 6 p.m.

Later Maddie’s return the other day, the vigil moved in the center from a solemn social event to a festival of Maddie’s return.

The people group utilized the social affair to share their satisfaction and love for the Allen family while observing Maddie.

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