Siri for Android App: Alternatives of Siri for Android

There are many situations in which you are unable to use your phone like during driving, working in kitchen and during playing. You miss your important calls, messages and even official mails as your hands are busy either in doing some important tasks or dirty enough to touch the screen.

Siri is the personal assistant for iOS users by which they can perform multiple tasks without touching your phone screen. You can give commands to it by means of voice and it will perform all the given tasks very efficiently according to the instructions. This app helps you to do many tasks in the same time without any delay.

Siri For Android App

Siri is the amazing feature vocal feature of apple devices including iphone, ipads, mac, watchOS, tvOS etc. The first thing you must keep in mind is that there is no application icon for Siri. So you need to press and hold the home button of iphone device to set up Siri. Keep on hold down button you will observe two vibrations or quick beeps which means you Siri is now ready to do your work.

Once the Siri is opened, ask it to perform any task like messaging or dialing a number, it will automatically detect when you stop talking. You can also press the microphone icon (optional) to let it know that you have finished talking. You can also enable hands free mode for giving commands to it. Once you got up Siri, there is no need to again perform the whole operation.

You can simply provide instructions by saying ‘Hey Siri’. It will respond to your command either even when the screen is locked or you are using phone. You can change this option if needed from the settings.

Siri for Android Screenshot

If you are in traffic or driving, you need to press the home button to start giving instructions as there would be noise present in the background. You can play music, send message, email, and voice notes by it. Siri can also detect and differentiate between your contacts.

If you ask the Siri to send message to any family member, it will write it and approve it before sending. It can check basic information like you can ask about weather, date, time, traffic, navigation, music, etc. Siri has added a new additional feature recently. It is supporting football game in 26 countries and updating the users with match schedule, timing, scores, matches etc.

Siri Alternative for Android

Siri is not developed by Apple but it only supports the iOS devices and work only on them. If you want to install it on Android device then first you have to install the emulator on your android device then you will be able to use Siri on android.

But its a long process not recommended, there are plenty of Siri alternative available for Android that you can download directly from Play Store without installing emulator. Google Assistant is one of them, but we think its more better then Siri is functionality and features. If you compare Siri with other app then we think Siri is not doing good as the other app, there are plenty of alternatives that are far away good in functionality than Siri. Here follow are some alternative to Siri for Android users:

  • Google Assistan
  • Cortana
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Robin
  • Genie
  • Smart voice assistant

Siri for Android Features

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  • Multitasking apple devices feature
  • Supports iOS, macOS, HomePod, watchOS, etc
  • Work best according to instructions
  • Commands can be given by voice
  • Perform every task efficiently and perfectly
  • Amazing voice recognition with artificial intelligence
  • Convenience for accessing other applications
  • Hands free option
  • Need clear voice to work
  • Navigate directions, search web
  • Change settings, take a picture
  • Write down messages, dial numbers
  • Schedule events and remainders


How to Download and Install Siri

Siri is only available to iOS user so, you can download and install it from App Store or iTune Store. If you want to download Siri for Android then we think its better to try its alternatives. You can download above mentioned Siri alternatives from Google Play Store.

Siri for Android download App

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