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Si Guey Meaning – Si Guey implies no doubt dude.The si-güey is a champion from Regarding Cocktails, a formula book distributed in memoriam of barman and Milk and Honey organizer Sasha Petraske. The name is both a play on words on the term segue just as Spanish slang. It generally means “better believe it man!”, however most clarifications concede the word has a large group of implications. At any rate, this beverage is an uncommon soul forward tequila sipper and a great decision for nights when a solid mixed drink is an absolute necessity, however a customary base soul will not cut it.

The si-güey is ageless by all accounts—looking practically like an older style—however somewhat contemporary in way of thinking. Its tequila-bound blend of old school and new school esteems helps us a bit to remember the Oaxaca antiquated. The nose is loaded up with orange and colorful tequila, alongside traces of smoke from the Scotch. The taste is brilliant, nutty, and smooth, trailed by a perfect completion and extra trace of smoke. The beverage is exceptional in its juxtaposition of caramelly seasons with a perfect profile; it’s a straightforward however captivating blend sure to satisfy the two idealists and boozy globe-trotters the same.

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