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Everyone is fond of listening music now days. Music addiction is very common everywhere. You often have seen people on roads, buses and during travelling with the headset on to download Shazam App. Songs are also categorized according to interest. Some people like to listen fast and pop music while many of them enjoy having light and melodious songs.

It is difficult to save all of favorite track in your phone and keep secure them. Moreover people are often unable to recognize the songs by its small part. There are a lot of issues related to downloading and storage. So here comes an application by which you can get your desired music just by a single tap.

Shazam App – one of the best music app allow your to explore an listen music without being stored into your smartphone.

Shazam APP

Shazam is world’s most popular application of the times. You can get all type of music by just searching for it. The app is built in a fashion in which played music can be identified very quickly. Using this app, you can make easy access to video clips, latest songs, updates about singers, lyrics and related tracks.

Shazam App
Shazam App

You can create your own play list on it and add songs by marking them as favorite. You can also find tracks even without internet. Shazam online can instantly detects the songs being played by others.

Shazam Online: music recognition online

Connect to your friends to see what they are shazaming on social sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter etc. After successful installation, open the app and keep the phone near the sound which you wanted to search for. Within five seconds, the application will respond to the command which is given to it.

It means that the song will be identified and popped up on screen with the real title. Shazam meet with all needs of music lovers. You can also link your Shazam with android and smart watch and stay update everywhere.

Shazam App Screenshot

Shazam App
Shazam App

Visual recognition is another smart feature by which you can scan posters, pictures and whatever you like by simply opening the Shazam camera. Add Shazam logo upon them and share them with your friends. So all you need to do is to just install this free application in your phone and enjoy every type of music.

Shazam APK Features

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  • Available on play store and apple store
  • Safe and secure
  • Supporting all of the devices
  • Recognize music within 5 seconds
  • Keep you update with latest music news
  • Use the app offline to identify sounds
  • Playlists can be made using Shazam
  • World’s popular application
  • Run app with one tap option
  • Sing songs along with the original music
  • Share Shazam logo with others
  • Sign up to meet all Shazam members
  • Stay connected with Shazam real time chart
  • Music recommendation is also available


How to Download & Install Shazam App

Shazam is available for free on both on Play Store and App Store, So you can grab it from there fro concerned device. The installation is totally free and you can get this app by play store. It is supporting android, PC window and iOS device with full security.

To download Shazam for android devices get its .apk file from the following and after you have it in you device  install it by taping over the apk file.

Shazam App Download Free Latest Version For Android

Shazam App Download 

Shazam Apk Download for PC Windows 10/7/8 Laptop (Official)

Shazam is also available for desktop PC on Windows OS, you can download it on your PC by installing its .exe file on your device. Or you can also use it on your PC by just accessing Shazam online for PC from its website. You it for your desktop computer from the following link.

Shazam App Download

Shazam Apk Download for iOS

As mentioned the music app supports iOS as well as PC and Android device. So you can have it on your iPhone, Mac, iPad. Download it form  App store for smart devices.


Shazam App Download Free iOS

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