Sajad Ganjzadeh Olympics – Iran’s Sajad Ganjzadeh Wins Gold In Karate

Sajad Ganjzadeh Olympics – The last episode of karate’s noteworthy presentation at the Olympics finished worked up when Saudi Arabian Tareg Hamedi’s high kick to Iran’s Sajad Ganjzadeh’s neck saw him precluded and his unmoving adversary granted gold in the men’s over-75kg last.

Scarcely a moment in, Hamedi looked prevailing, having scored a three-point “ippon” in the 10th second and he was driving 4-1 preceding the session on Saturday reached a sudden conclusion.

Hamedi’s last kick sent Ganjzadeh to the tatami mat and the Saudi into festivity mode before the disposition in the Nippon Budokan field turned. Surgeons hurried to Ganjzadeh’s side, putting a breathing device on the Iranian and eliminating him on a cot.

Following a couple of moments of conversation among the authorities uninvolved, the arbitrator called the counterpart for Ganjzadeh by precluding Hamedi for an unchecked assault, which isn’t permitted under karate’s Olympic standards.

Ganjzadeh returned later for the decoration function, strolling typically. Both he and Hamedi were dull as they moved forward to the platform and gathered their decorations.

They seemed to hold onto no worries towards one another, be that as it may, as they embraced and modeled for photos together.

Turkey’s Ugur Aktas and Japan’s Ryutaro Araga took the bronze decorations in the men’s +75kg kumite class.

The ladies’ gold decoration in the +61kg class went to Egypt’s Feryal Abdelaziz, who won her country’s second gold award since 1948 by beating Azerbaijan’s Iryna Zaretska in the last. Kazakhstan’s Sofya Berultseva and China’s Gong Li took the bronzes.

Ganjzadeh was the second karateka on Saturday to be out of control on a cot.

Germany’s gold-decoration confident Jonathan Horne experienced a mid-session injury during the disposal round that left him squirming and shouting in anguish and unfit to ascend from the tatami.

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