Quan Hongchan Perfect Dive Olympics – Chinese Diver Finishes 10m Platform

Quan Hongchan Perfect Dive Olympics – China’s teen girl just demonstrated it to us with extraordinary compared to other diving exhibitions we’ve at any point seen — in a real sense.

The 14-year-old diving phenom scored not one. Simply composing that out, it doesn’t appear to be conceivable. Be that as it may, it occurred. She was truly great.

The wild part is that if the Games had occurred as booked the previous summer, Quan wouldn’t be here. She would’ve been too youthful to even think about qualifying. Yet, she’s here at this point.

The 14-year-old’s general score — 466.20 — likewise crushed the past record in the occasion, as per NBC.

Quan Hongchan Achieves Perfection

Quan turned into the second-most youthful Chinese jumper to win a gold medal after Fu Mingxia brought home the top prize at the 1992 Barcelona Games at only 13 years of age, as per the International Swimming Federation.

Of Quan’s five makes a plunge the occasion, two acquired 10s in all cases.

Another of her jumps got six 10s and one 9.5. Yet, since the standards of plunging require the two most noteworthy and two least scores to be disposed of to show up at the last score, it was successfully a third amazing jump.

The youthful jumper purportedly took up the game to bring in cash to help her mom, who has an ailment that requires all year care, NBC revealed. Quan entered the game in 2014, later joining a club in China’s Guangdong area.

Winning silver in the ladies’ 10-meter stage last was Quan’s partner, Chen Yuxi of China. Australia’s Melissa Wu came in third in the occasion.

China’s Quan Hongchan Takes Gold For Women’s 10m Platform Diving

China’s Quan Hongchan scored two ideal makes a plunge the ladies’ 10m stage en route to a gold award.

The 14-year-old scored seven 10s on two of her jumps – an ideal score – and was 0.5 focuses away from doing it a third time on her last plunge en route to breaking the past Olympic record.

She scored a 96.00 on her internal 3½ somersaults, armstand back twofold somersault 1½ turns and back 2½ somersaults 1½ turns. She got done with an all out score of 466.20, passing by the past record of 447.70.

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China’s Chen Yuxi took silver with 425.40 focuses and Australia’s Melissa Wu won bronze, getting 371.40 focuses. It is the fourth back to back Olympics with China winning the gold in the ladies’ 10m stage. And, the second-consecutive Games with China taking both gold and silver is amazing.

American Delaney Schnell completed fifth in the occasion with a point absolute of 340.40.

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