Popeyes Rat Video – DC Popeyes Rats TikTok Leads to Restaurant Shut Down

Popeyes Restaurant Shut Down After Video of Rat Infested Kitchen Surfaces

Popeyes Rat Video – A viral video on TikTok shows rodents at a Washington DC Popeyes eatery. The video has made the eatery closed down.

The viral TikTok video was first posted by the user blaqazzrick01, who says in the video that he delivers chicken to Popeyes eateries in the Washington D.C. region. He took watchers in the background to show the various rodents hastening around the kitchen of one of the eateries. Be admonished that the video contains realistic language.

The TikTok User Said He Saw 15 Rats Scurrying Around the Popeyes Restaurant

Hold your stomachs and pop some Pepto on the grounds that a viral video of a Washington, D.C., Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen café loaded up with rodents in its kitchen, may very well make you fling.

Plainly from the video, the circumstance is more than simply a wellbeing code infringement and looks more like a general wellbeing emergency particularly since clients have as of now been eating their delectable chicken sandwiches, covered in Hottie Sauce, while sickness conveying rodents dash about.

The Health Department Shut the Restaurant Down After the Viral Videos

As per WTOP News, the video was recorded in Barracks Row on eighth Street Southeast in Washington D.C., and the Health Department has now shut the eatery down. A DC board part was labeled on Twitter with the TikTok video.

Individuals commended the TikTok client on his remark string.

Finding out if he got terminated, the client told individuals on his remark string that he doesn’t work for Popeyes.

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