PNW Recycled Meaning – What Does PNW Stand For

PNW Recycled Meaning –PNW stands for Pacific Northwest.Today, PNW Components is carrying out their dropper post refurb/recovery program called “PNW Cycled”. The objective of the program is to eliminate waste and give a second life to PNW’s dropper posts, making them utilitarian again with some recovery. The program plans to expand item life cycles, lessen waste, and proposition more reasonable alternatives for riders.

The program permits riders the alternative to buy recently utilized or imperfect posts that have been recently revamped. It likewise permits riders to exchange their more established PNW dropper posts for a credit towards a new or utilized dropper.

While there are various affiliates doing programs like this in the outside business, from what we know, it’s the first run through this has been finished by a brand in the bicycle business.

The thought for the program has been something the proprietors of PNW Components have been thinking about since the beginning of the organization. With a ton of their item being sold on the web, it’s simple for clients to arrange anything they desire from home, however it additionally makes an expansion in returns and trades when somebody arranges the erroneous size or fit.

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