PNM Princess Reddit – The Rise of Anonymous Social Media

PNM Princess Reddit – PNM Princess is going viral on Reddit these days.

In August 2021, “the Yak was back.” Popular mysterious online media stage Yik Yak returned to the Apple App Store in the wake of being closed down in 2017 because of worries about cyberbullying and a quickly declining client base. At the point when Yik Yak returned, understudies the nation over ran back to the application, and understudies at the University of Michigan were not exempt.

While yaks commonly concern a huge number of points, content posted inside the area of the University has zeroed in on the continuous sorority enrollment process since Jan. 5, the day of possible new part (PNM) direction.
Among the various sorority enrollment yaks is one repeating name – The PNM Princess. Portrayed by numerous understudies as the “Gossip Girl” or “Radio Rebel” of sorority enrollment, The PNM Princess has a Reddit account she has been utilizing to post to some degree angry articulations about the Michigan sorority enlistment interaction and her singular longing – or deficiency in that department – to join each house.

In a meeting with The Michigan Daily, the PNM Princess uncovered she is a first-year recruit, however doesn’t need her name distributed right now. She told The Daily her unique objective for “The PNM Diaries” was to have a method for getting sorted out her genuine musings about the rush interaction.

The Princess said PNMs frequently feel like they do not have a voice during sorority enrollment since they are feeling the squeeze to “perform” well for every sorority. The Princess said if she were not mysterious, she would have been dropped from each sorority for freely sharing her pure contemplations about the various associations.

When inquired as to whether she at any point intends to uncover her personality, the PNM Princess was far-fetched, saying sharing that data would disconnect her from whichever sorority she winds up joining.

LSA sophomore Alexander Manthous said the emphasis on sorority enrollment on Yik Yak is unrelatable and tedious.

LSA senior Hayley Sanders, the VP of enrollment at Sigma Delta Tau, said she liked the posts from The PNM Princess.

All things considered, Sanders forewarned PNMs to try not to seek after sororities in light of notoriety or social status as indicated by online discussions.

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