Patricia Cornwell Delta Video – Video of Woman on Delta Flight Goes Viral

Patricia Cornwell Delta Video – The Atlanta Police Department (APD) has captured a lady who was shot attacking a man on a Delta Airlines flight.

In an assertion, they said:

“Based on the statements gathered and visible evidence, officers detained Ms Cornwall and contacted the on-call FBI agent.”

“The officers then relocated with Ms Cornwall to the domestic Atlanta Police precinct where FBI agents responded and took custody of Ms Cornwall,”

the APD proceeded.

Recordings have circulated around the web via web-based media that show the lady slapping, yelling, and swearing at the older traveler on a departure from Tampa to Atlanta on December 23rd.

The lady has since been named Patricia Cornwall, who has fairly been in the public eye. Who is she?


Patricia Cornwall is a previous Playboy model, entertainer, and team promoter.

In any case, she doesn’t give off an impression of being acting any longer and is at this point not at the center of attention.

The New York Post has likewise detailed that she has as of late been functioning as a real estate agent and was an individual from the Los Angeles Raiders’ NFL cheerleading crew The Raiderettes during the 1990s.


A video of Patricia’s Delta squabble has turned into a web sensation on Twitter and had an amazing 8.5 million perspectives.

In the clasp, you can see her contending with an older traveler over the way that he isn’t wearing a facial covering, telling him to “stand up” and “mask up”.

He then, at that point, considers her a “Karen” before she gets up in his face and contacts, hits, and swears at him while over and again advising him to put his veil on.

An assertion from the Atlanta Police Department uncovers that police reacted to Hartsfield Jackson International Airport following an unsettling influence call including a wild traveler.

Patricia was then arrested by the FBI following the occurrence.


Patricia Cornwall isn’t a similar individual as Patricia Cornwell, a 65-year-old American wrongdoing author.

She is known for her top-of-the-line Scarpetta books which are about clinical analyst Kay Scarpetta and enlivened by a progression of genuine homicides in Richmond, Virginia.

Via online media, many are mistaking Patricia Cornwall for Patricia Cornwell, yet the pair are not connected at all.

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