Ohio State Player Quits Video – Ohio State LB Leaves Field

Ohio State Player Quits Video – The Ohio State senior linebacker got in a verbal squabble on the sideline, was accompanied off the field, and afterward took his feelings to Twitter.

In one of the more bizarre scenes in late memory, Ohio State senior linebacker K’Vaughan Pope was incensed on the sideline late in the subsequent quarter and was accompanied back to the storage space.

Pope thought he should be running onto the field for a guarded series, yet he was waved off by Teradja Mitchell, and afterward, Pope pitched a total fit. The senior from Dinwiddie, Virginia tossed his gloves into the stands, took his shirt off, and was miserable.

Pope seemed to get in a genuinely warmed trade with Ryan Day and linebackers mentor Al Washington. Group chief Kamryn Babb and Javontae Jean-Baptiste attempted to quiet him down, however, Pope was angry and was in the long run accompanied to the storage space by the overseer of player faculty C.J. Barnett.

After he left the game, Pope gave to tweets that would persuade you to think he’s done playing for the Buckeyes.

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