Nick Cox Georgia Video – Nick Cox Beating Update

Nick Cox Georgia Video –  More than 16 thousand marks endorsed to a request endeavoring to compel Gwinnett and Buford High Schools to change its understudy set of principles. The work is driven by two baffled guardians after their 17-year-old child experienced a ruthless brutal assault off grounds.

The attack was caught on camcorder… was posted on the web and has since turned into a web sensation, seen more than 3 million times.

In the unmerited assault, 17 year old Nick Cox is punched oblivious. His head pummeled so hard, it ricochets off the hardwood floor. In the video, understudies watch, giggle and never mediate.

Since the July 21 occurrence, Nick has spent his seventeenth birthday celebration being hand taken care of fluids through a needle. His jaw is wired closed. His teeth took out and bent awkward.

The injury is overpowering, yet more regrettable, as per Nick’s folks is the absence of responsibility from heads at Buford and Lanier High School’s the place where the culprits go to class.

As per Nick’s folks, the understudy who genuinely hit Nick was accused of attack. Be that as it may, the guilty parties who recorded and chuckled during the disdain filled assault won’t ever apologize.

They’re guardians never apologized and each of the three are as yet permitted to go to class and play varsity sports.

Executives at both Buford and Gwinnett County School areas furnished the Cox’s with a new Supreme Court Case – Levy versus The State of PA – saying they can’t issue ramifications for conduct that occurs outside of school property. The Cox’s contend the Levy case involved ability to speak freely. Allyssa Cox says her child’s story involves viciousness.

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