I Was Running through the Six with My Woes Meaning

I Was Running through the Six with My Woes Meaning – Aubrey Drake Graham, also called the popular Drake, is the Canadian rapper who just realizes how to produce a large number of bops.

His 2017 mixtape, “More Life,” appeared No. 1 on the Billboard 200, and “In case You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” from 2015 highlighted some stunning hits, for example, “Energy” and “10 Bands.”

Beside the extraordinary beats, Drake’s likewise known to coin some famous terms. We realize you’ve presumably utilized the expression “yolo” on more than one occasion. Furthermore, in the event that you have, amazing. Yet, a few group are still left considering what “misfortunes” from “Know Yourself” even means.

So before you impact a karaoke rendition of the melody, this is what we discovered.

What Does Woes Mean?

No, he’s not looking at going through Toronto with his distresses and misery – despite the fact that, his verses demonstrate something else. Truth be told, Urban Dictionary characterizes “going through the six with my misfortunes” as, “Going through your area conveying your issues and distresses; yet, as yet enduring.”

However, that is not how Drake characterizes this word.

Drake’s “Woes” Are About Excellence.

In a meeting with Noisey, VICE’s music magazine, he mentioned to them what “misfortunes” truly implies.

“Trouble is my group. It means ‘dealing with greatness.’ It’s simply my entire image and my entire development and my lifestyle for everybody.” Drake said. “I need everybody to deal with greatness. In this way, every one of my companions are my Woes and I feel anyone chipping away at greatness in life is a Woe in life also.”

Eventually, it’s not in any way what we anticipated.

In any case, as passionate as Drake might be, he’s additionally known to be his own publicity man. He devoted “Began from the Bottom” to his vocation venture. He “began from the base” and presently he’s killing the rap game. I surmise featuring on a famous Canadian show is “the base,” yet we feel you, Drake.

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