My Laptop Charger Broke How Can I Charge it?

Did you break the charger or lost the charger? Don’t worry, there are 8+ best ways to charge your laptop without a charger.

My Laptop Charger Broke How Can I Charge it?

There are more than 8 ways to charge your laptop without a charger whether you are using a Dell laptop, Lenovo, HP, or any other these methods gonna help you a lot:

  1. Using a power bank.
  2. Using USB Type-C.
  3. Charge a laptop with HDMI.
  4. Use a rechargeable Li-ion battery
  5. Use a universal adapter.
  6. Using a car battery.
  7. Using an externally rechargeable laptop battery.
  8. Using a smartphone.

How to charge laptop battery without charger?

How to charge laptop battery without charger 2021 methods?

List of possible ways to charge a laptop without a charger with a guide. I am sure these methods will help you.

Method 1: Using a power bank

Most people prefer this option because it is the most complex and convenient way to charge a laptop without a charger. A power bank is basically a portable power source for a laptop. Simply connect your laptop to a spare battery and your laptop will charge.

Spare batteries are available in a variety of colors and shapes. Therefore, they are all built with different charging capacities. Spare batteries can usually be replenished once or twice. This is especially true if you want to charge a high-powered laptop.

The spare battery must also be charged. When the spare battery runs out of power, it can no longer be used to charge the laptop. Therefore, it is recommended to make sure that the spare battery is still charged. That way, you can take it with you whenever you need to voluntarily go out, but your laptop won’t charge.

However, like the ones on the market, the USB output is 5V, while laptops require a higher voltage than smartphones, so you need to use a suitable spare battery for your laptop. The laptop requires a high voltage output of 16V-20V depending on the device specifications.

Method 2: Charge laptop with USB-C

This USB port has a modern design and has a distinct appearance compared to a USB Type-A port. The Type-C port has a connector about the size of a micro USB connector. The Type-C USB port is an oval connector. The Type-C USB port supports USB 3.1 or USB 3.2 technology, allowing data transfer at a rate of 20 Gbits per second.

The Type-C USB port has all the features of previous USB port models. However, an important component that sets it apart from the Type-C USB port is that it also provides a power input. This feature allows you to charge your laptop without using a specific brand of charger.

This charging method requires a spare battery and a USB Type-C connector. Simply connect your laptop to a spare battery using the Type-C USB port. However, most laptops run on 8 to 12 volts of power, while most USB ports used for charging can only supply 5 volts.

If you need to use your laptop while charging, you need to purchase a spare battery suitable for your laptop.

Method 3: Charge your laptop with HDMI

To charge your laptop with an HDMI cable, you need to connect the HDMI cable to your TV. Then you need to connect the other HDMI end to the Type-C USB port and the other end of the Type-C connector port to your laptop.

Method 4: Use a rechargeable Li-ion battery

Most standard laptops use a rechargeable 3.7v Li-ion battery. There are several ways to charge these batteries without a charger.

First, disassemble the battery. Start by opening the battery case. There are 3 battery pairs in the pack, so there is 6 total. Remove the battery. They are electrically welded but easy to separate.

Now you can charge 6 18650 batteries individually. If you have access to a vape pen charger designed to charge 18650 batteries, you can use it. Make sure the battery charger you have is for 18650 batteries only. Otherwise, you will end up ruining them.

Method 5: Use a universal adapter

If you own an older laptop model, the charger for that model may be obsolete. You can use the adapter to charge your laptop without a model-specific laptop charger.

Universal adapters are AC/DC connectors sold with a variety of connection tips. This tip supports different brands such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, and others. The good thing is you don’t have to buy the whole set to get a specific tip. If you only need a specific tip, the tip is also sold separately.

The universal adapter works similarly to the laptop’s original charger. You can also use your laptop while charging with the universal charger. However, if you set the amperage too high, you risk damaging the battery. High amps will overheat the laptop and damage the battery, so be careful when using the universal adapter.

Method 6: Use a car battery to charge the Laptop

You can use your car battery to charge your laptop. Using a power inverter is the most common way to use a car battery to charge a laptop without a charger. The power inverter can be connected directly to the car’s cigarette lighter socket. They can be used to power devices that work with 300 watts of continuous power, enough for a laptop.

The negative side of this solution is the presence of bulky devices on the bottom of the car. Despite these shortcomings, this option is still important because it is easy to implement. Another obstacle to this solution is that the laptop does not have a built-in voltage regulator.

Most devices made for vehicles have a built-in voltage regulator that properly regulates the battery voltage. However, laptops are designed to have their own AC adapter to do all the throttling, so charging a car with a car battery can be a bit tricky.

Method 7: Charge laptop with phone charger

This method is usually used as a last resort in emergencies. Most smartphones can run from a spare battery that can power the laptop. Smartphones cannot power laptops for long periods of time for obvious reasons. Even if the battery power is depleted, the laptop’s power can only be used for 30 minutes.

A dead phone battery is essentially a compromise for 30 minutes of battery life. Although the benefits are short-lived, it is still a great solution for situations where there is no alternative and you need to use your laptop urgently.

To do this method you will need a Type-C USB cable. Connect your laptop to your smartphone using this cable, then select the appropriate option and you’re done.

Method 8: Use an externally rechargeable laptop battery

Using an external rechargeable battery is also one of the clever ideas to charge your laptop without a charger. If your laptop’s charger port is broken or you just want to save money, this is a really good choice.

However, whenever you get an external rechargeable laptop charger, you need to choose a brand-specific battery that matches your laptop. Otherwise, you will be using the wrong battery.

Most of these externally rechargeable laptop batteries have an indicator light to help detect the battery level.


If you’re away from your laptop’s power source, buying an extra battery will be a relatively simple way to get extra power while you’re out and about. An external battery charger can be used to easily charge a spare battery. This external battery charger can be connected to the wall and you can put your laptop battery into your device.

This device allows you to charge your laptop and a spare battery at the same time. However, even laptop brands have made external chargers for them. If you decide to buy an external charger, pay close attention to its compatibility with your laptop.

Find the best external charger

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Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers to every question about charging a Laptop.

How to charge a laptop without electricity?

As we mentioned above a spare battery can be used to charge your laptop without electricity. The auxiliary battery is the auxiliary power source for the notebook. Charges and stores power that can be used to power the laptop.

Find the best laptops batteries

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How to charge a laptop without a charger and spare battery?

You can charge your laptop via HDMI or in your car. You can use the USB port to charge your laptop in the car. You need to connect a USB Type-A connector on one side and a USB Type-C connector on the other, then connect the USB charger to the laptop.

How to turn on a laptop without a battery or charger?

The AC adapter allows the laptop to run without batteries. The notebook is designed to run on battery power and AC power supply. You can connect the AC adapter to your laptop and it works without batteries. Make sure you are using your laptop’s own AC adapter.

How to charge a laptop with another laptop?

You can charge the laptop along with the other laptop by inserting the battery into the other laptop (provided they are at the same voltage). You can charge the battery in another laptop and then put it back into the laptop.

How to charge a laptop with a broken charger port?

Use the (External Rechargeable Laptop Battery) to charge your laptop with a broken charger port. When the laptop battery is depleted, remove the (rechargeable) laptop battery from the back of the laptop, plug it into the battery charger, and then attach the charger to the electrical socket board. When the battery is fully charged, it can now be put back into the laptop and used.

Is it safe to charge my laptop without an official charger?

If you don’t know what you’re doing, it may not be safe for your battery to use any other method to charge your laptop.

You must ensure that the voltage and power match the specifications of the laptop charger. In all scenarios, an official charger or approved replacement is the best way to power your laptop.

How to Fix Laptop Charger Pins?

There are several reasons why your laptop won’t charge, such as loose connectors or deformed charging ports. You may need to disassemble the laptop after finding the cause of the laptop charging problem i.e. the charger port.

If you look closely, you can identify the exact part to be replaced. That said, if you don’t think deeply about this repair, it’s better to ask for more technical and experienced support.

To repair your laptop charger port, you must first determine the cause of the problem. Attaching the power jack to the motherboard allows for quick removal and replacement. Once the power jack is connected to the motherboard, the motherboard must be unsoldered and replaced with a good one.

If you can’t find a working jacket, you can also substitute a power link setup with a pigtail. Port damage can be severe, so you’ll need a grip and screwdriver to reset the port connector to its correct shape. You can also reset it using tongs.

What to do if your laptop is connected but not charging?

When I plug in my laptop, I usually hear a happy chirp from the PC, the LED display lights up and the display gets a little brighter. That’s at least what you should do. There are times when the battery is almost dead and I plug in the AC adapter and don’t receive anything. No flashing lights, no bright display, no “battery charging” icon in the corner.

There are many ways to take care of your battery, but many steps and parts between the wall outlet and your computer can all fail. Some can be easily fixed with tuned software or a new battery, while others may require a visit to a repair shop or replacement of the entire system.

Conclusion-My Laptop Charger Broke how to charge laptop battery without a charger?

All of the above methods are plausible ways to charge a laptop without the original charger. However, some of these methods are inexpensive and some are expensive others are not effective in the long run.

Rather than spending a fortune on secondary methods for charging your laptop which may not be safe, it is better to simply buy a new charger for your laptop. If you can’t find a new charger for your laptop then these ways are perfect for you.

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