Missing Girl Philadelphia – Germantown Car Theft Triggers Amber Alert

Missing Girl Philadelphia – A missing 6-year-old young lady has been seen after police say she was inside her mom’s vehicle when it was taken Tuesday night outside a pizza shop in Germantown.
The driver of a passing SUV saw the detailed taken burgundy Toyota Scion in the parking garage of a Checkers on Broad and Nedro roads on Wednesday morning.
The driver of the vehicle saw the missing 6-year-old young lady inside the vehicle and strolled her across the road to the 35th police region where she was brought together with her mom, as indicated by Keeley.
The young lady was found safe hours after police said she was inside the vehicle when it was taken from before a pizza shop on the 5600 square of Green Street soon after 9 p.m. Tuesday.
Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small said the young lady’s mom left her inside the running vehicle as she went in to get a pizza request when it was taken.
Pennsylvania State Police gave an Amber Alert hours after the fact.
The unwanted vehicle and the young lady were found around two hours after the Amber Alert.

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