Micah May Obituary – Micah May Las Vegas Nevada Passed Away

Micah May Obituary – Nevada Highway Patrol trooper Micah May was awkward getting acknowledgment for his achievements, his closest companion said, on the grounds that he thought he was simply taking care of his work.

Be that as it may, on Friday, the Las Vegas Valley stopped to recall the 46-year-old dad of two and 13-year veteran of the Highway Patrol who kicked the bucket last week after he was struck in a vehicle pursuit. Strip marquees streaked his face, and traffic halted as police officers and specialists on call from across the valley accompanied his body to a dedication administration in a Henderson, where many individuals filled a congregation to catch wind of May’s life.

May passed on two days after he was struck by a taken vehicle on July 27 during a pursuit on Interstate 15. He was endeavoring to send “stop sticks” planned to penetrate the taken vehicle’s tires close to Charleston Boulevard, the Highway Patrol has said.

On Friday morning, a parade extending miles accompanied May’s body from Palm Mortuary-Downtown, 1325 N. Principle St., to the dedication administration at Henderson’s Central Church, 1001 New Beginnings Drive.

Many officials and law implementation vehicles followed the funeral car to the congregation and saluted as he was brought inside for the help, including officials from out of state. A ceremonial group and bagpipers accompanied the coffin hung in an American banner, with May’s better half, Joanna, strolling behind it.

Following the commemoration administration, another parade took May’s body to a public graveside administration at Palm Mortuary-Eastern, 7600 S. Eastern Ave.

May’s demise was a “reminder” for law requirement, Highway Patrol Col. Anne Carpenter told the group during the dedication administration.

Woodworker declared that May got two declarations of acclamation — a decoration of boldness and a purple heart — to pay tribute to his demise in the line of obligation.

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