Mayfield KY Tornado Video – Tornado Hit Mayfield Kentucky Updates

Mayfield KY Tornado Video – A short-lived video taken by a driver early Saturday gives a road-level look at the astonishing outcome of the twisters that cleared across five states, killing no less than 70.

“Yeah, Mayfield needs some prayers,” nearby occupant Ryan Mitchum says seriously as he passes through the unassuming community, pop. 10,000, which seems to have been primarily smoothed by the enormous line of tempests.
The camera catches a crushed white SUV roosted on a heap of block and rubble, broken trees and utility posts, and bewildered survivors meandering in the daybreak light past destroyed homes and stores.

“That was a transmission shop,” Mitchum says as he gradually travels past a destroyed blue structure that is feeling the loss of its rooftop, windows, and a few dividers.

“This looks straight out of a movie.”

The twisters wrecked a train and annihilated a light manufacturing plant in western Kentucky, detached the rooftop of an Amazon distribution center in Illinois, and devastated a nursing home in Arkansas.

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