Maurice Mo Fayne Instagram – Mo Fayne PPP Fraud

Maurice Mo Fayne Instagram – Atlanta when he was locked in to project part Karlie Redd in 2018, has been condemned to 17-and-a-half years in a correctional facility for wrongdoings remembering the abuse of millions of dollars for PPP advances.

The 38-year-old Fayne, who lives in Dacula, Ga., was captured in May 2020 on charges of offering bogus expressions on his application for a credit from the Paycheck Protection Program — which was planned to settle the economy during the COVID-19 pandemic — just as bank misrepresentation and connivance and wire extortion identified with a Ponzi conspire.

Authorities said Fayne had, in April 2020, applied for $3.7 million through United Community Bank for his partnership, Flame Trucking. The cash should be utilized to pay his representatives, contracts, or different costs identified with his business.

All things considered, Fayne spent it on close to home costs: $85,000 in gems, $40,000 for past-due kid support, $136,000 for the rent of a Rolls-Royce, $65,000 in real money, $50,000 for cash he owed in another lawful case, and $907,000 to begin another business.

Fayne paid an extra $230,000 to individuals assisting him with running a Ponzi conspire. As per the Justice Department, he had run the plan from March 2013 to May 2020, taking cash from individuals who planned to put resources into his business.

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