Marsh Taunting Penalty Video – The Bears Ridiculous Taunting Penalty

Marsh Taunting Penalty Video – The NFL’s place of accentuation on insulting took a turn on Monday Night Football with an occurrence that impeccably embodied how ridiculous the standard is. In a Bears rebound against the Steelers, linebacker Cassius Marsh was punished for provoking on a critical third-down sack of Ben Roethlisberger late in the final quarter that situated Chicago to get the ball back for an expected match dominating drive.

Presently there are enormous inquiries concerning the idea of the punishment, and the purpose by official Tony Corrente. Bog recorded the sack with 3:40 left in the game with the Steelers up by three. After standing up he celebrated with a flying twist kick, as he’s finished a lot of his profession, and started racing to the sideline. Now Corrente seems to incline his hips into Marsh’s way, then, at that point, hailed the linebacker for provoking.

The aftereffect of the play was the first down for Pittsburgh, who consequently scored a field objective. Justin Fields then, at that point, drove the Bears on a go-on-score drive, yet the Steelers replied with one more field objective to win by two. Had the Steelers drop-kicked and those three focuses have removed the board there’s an undeniable chance Chicago dominates the match. The provoking call came at a vital second and undoubtedly changed the game.

Maybe the most peculiar part however is that the punishment didn’t come for the season you may anticipate. In the post-game press pool, Corrente’s said he didn’t toss the banner for the twist kick festivity.

It’s truly challenging to perceive how the could be understood as insulting by any stretch of the imagination. Each video point just appears as though a player attempting to run off the field, and not giving a lot of consideration to whatever else. Notwithstanding, the official felt that something within this second was adequately significant to toss a banner and change the result of the game.

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